… Allegiance …

Spring time here – yahoo. Expansiveness, growth, new creativity, the grass shooting up after the slumber of winter. The important aspect of spring time according to Chinese medicine is represented by the generous and supporting nature of the tree.


The tree with deep and strong roots creates a myriad of support as homes for animals, oxygen to breathe, a windbreak for an entire ecosystem, food for another or simply a nice shady place for you to sit. The service a tree offers is multifaceted . It has also been recognised that the single common factor that all tribes throughout the world share universally when discussing… “what brings us happiness ?”… is the contribution to the WELLBEING of others.

Now may be a nice time for you to inquire… ” What are you serving right now?”… Not so much as serving of a grand plan to rescue others and create a momentous shift within our world but moreso… what are you serving moment to moment?

Are you serving what you love or what you hate? Are you serving what simply is easy and makes you feel good or are you serving that which is aligned purely with your truth and what you value? Are you unconsciously serving some old worn out story or something far greater that all beings have in common. As a wonderful group steps away from a 12 day training in Bali this week, the biggest imprint for me is the authentic and consistent care each person showed for each other within a honest state of detachment.

As we step into spring with the vitality and creativity that this new fresh season offers, maybe it is a good time to practice a new, powerful enquiry and to note where is your allegiance?

”What am I serving right now?”



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