Amanda Living

~ ZenThai  Shiatsu Therapist ~  Gold Coast based treatments.

mob: 0402 295 581

Amanda is an experienced therapist with over 25 years offering holistic care through a range of massage modalities, 10 of these years working in 5 star health retreats in Australia and Canada.

Amanda loves Zenthai Shiatsu as it is founded upon philosophy, techniques and science but allows for her own intrinsic intuition and intelligence to guide the flow of the therapy.

Where can I find Amanda?

Amanda is based on the Gold Coast and offers Zenthai Shiatsu treatments from her private clinic 5 minutes from Nerang. Amanda offers a mobile service into the comfort of your own home or office. Amanda is available for national or international travel on request- festivals, markets, retreats or private practice.

Amanda says…

“I fell in love with Zenthai Shiatsu after receiving a treatment from Gwyn at Mt Ninderry Healing Centre, Yandina. My mind and heart were inspired by IMG_5579the movement and flow of the therapy. As an athlete, physical movement has always been one of my highest values. Seeing this movement offered through a massage therapy resonated with me and my focus on supporting people in their healing journey.

I began studying with Gwyn in 2009 and have thoroughly enjoyed offering Zenthai Shiatsu to people who are looking for support on their journey to better health, healing and vitality. My role in facilitating the healing process includes connecting people to their bodies and energy. As a therapist I also assist people to better understand their bodies and how they can heal themselves through mindful breath and movement.”

What others are saying:
IMG_5556I have been receiving Amanda Living zen thai massages for over 5 years. I started having issues with my lower back after years of equestrian. My back issues continues once I joined the police service. Regular visits to Amanda living zen thai massage has been a great benefit, it has almost eliminated my back issues & made conducting my job & day to day activities much easier & pain free. I highly recommend Amanda Living zen thai massage.

Sergeant Chloe Barton

Amanda LIVING’S  Zen thai Shiatsu Massage is a massage experience that all busy ,sore bodies would  benefit from and want more of. Enjoy  her wonderful massage. Amanda comes Highly recommended.


On my first visit to Amanda I was suffering with a sciatic nerve problem in my thigh and leg. I was nervous about going, but soon realized after my first message that Zen Thai Shiatsu massage is different to any I have experienced before and I came away feeling much better and in far less pain. Zen Thai Shiatsu massage is a mix of stretching and massage that has improved my general overall well-being and I have continued to have a Zen Thai Shiatsu massage with Amanda every two to three weeks. Amanda seems to instinctively find the ‘tight spots’ that need stretching and has loosened up the joints and simply makes me feel more mobile afterwards. I would recommend Amanda for anyone looking for passionate person who has a love and dedication for her work in Zen Thai Shiatsu massage.
This is truly an amazing experience that I was wary about in the beginning, but now knowing how well I feel after my massage I always look forward to my next visit.

Maree Dowdy


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