Yeliz Basafacan Zenthai shiatsu bodywork massage therapist Coolum

Yeliz Basafacan

~ Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist ~ Sunshine Coast – Coolum Beach

ph:: 0466 657 929


Yeliz revels in the playful exploration that exists in every moment. As she intertwines intuition with curiosity and receptivity, a unique experience of touch unfolds. Join her in a dance where she will disturb what’s comfortable and comfort what’s disturbed! 


You can find her at the beach!
Coolum Beach offers incredible healing and cleansing opportunities. Come and get a treatment from her home on the Sunshine Coast and take a short 5 minute walk down to the main beach or relax in the rock pools of First Bay.

Yeliz Basafacan Zenthai Shiatsu massage therapist Sunshine CoastYELIZ SAYS…

“I don’t have magical powers that will ‘fix’ what ails you.

What I do have is the power of patience, presence, awareness, listening and love.

My intention is to create a loving, non-judgemental and safe space for you to explore and unravel your own healing magic.

We are always going, doing and having. It’s time that we stop, rest and look after our selves. No-one else is responsible for your health other than you! So go ahead and do something for yourself. You have earned it.

“What is worth doing and what is worth having? It is worth doing nothing and having a rest!”



The best version of ourselves … January 2018



2018 blessings to all

As we step into a brand new canvas it is not only a stage for new visioning, but also one for reflecting on the year past.  In reflection we are able to access guidance towards where we are now being called to step.

What were your top five experiences for 2017? Challenges and highlights, they are  all there to create a better version of ourselves and possibly give insights on how to offer a more positive impact on the planet for the year ahead.

Here are my top five for 2017 …

  • FAMILY FIRST … with the heart-breaking loss of our dear Nanny June, our family of five came together not only to grieve but to also celebrate our deep bond and full commitment to each other.  With the saturation of being, when you are consumed in your passion, I came back to strong realisations:  to fully participate at the heart of the matter is to share my unbounded love for my wife Gaia and my two amazing sons – Jye and Keed  – and my beautiful daughter Siahn. We took off in a crammed car, without a care in the world, and an intention to simply have fun.  We shared four awesome days together, sleeping on one mattress in a small hot tent,  laughed ourselves to sleep and generally held hands and hearts in a gesture of family first.


  • DEEPENING OF THE ZENTHAI COMMUNITY … from the 19 day flow training in Bali,  to the selfless service around the centre,  to the incredible mixture of individuals in the nine month program and the endless support with social media, websites, programs, assistant teaching  and student support …  I can only bow in gratitude. To watch this forest of individuals, with which I am simply part, sink their roots and create an ever expanding canopy of non-judgement, support and kindness is a gift to witness.


  • ZENTHAI IN EUROPE … bringing Zenthai to Europe to share at Simon Park’s yoga teacher training in the French Alps and then follow up with a Zenthai program in Chamonix at the base of the highest mountain in Europe exceeded any expectations by zillions.  I simply fell in love.  With the mountains, the people, the fresh air, the glacier-fed streams, the pure prana … the beauty everywhere …  I discovered a second home and am definitely back in 2018 …


  • KOMANGS IN AUSTRALIA … nearly ten years after creating Shanti Agung, our yoga retreat centre in Eastern Bali ,we finally got our beautiful Mr and Mrs Komangs out of the rice fields in a little fishing village, on a plane to spend 24 precious days with us. After years of visa refusals and continual obstacles we finally created a lifetime experience for themselves and us.  As I write they are likely at some golden beach getting overwhelmed of how Big and Clean everything is. To offer their gratitude they start each day, sweeping with a broom in their hands. A magical meditation to start the day … such teachers.


  • WOODFORD SAILING … this year at the Woodford festival, the Zenthai tent of 25 metta-infused pirates, offered therapies over six days to a gigantic group of festival goers. The sync, the joy, the seamless flow, was a testament to our art, based around unity and presence. We all reminded each other again and again the greatest gift you can give to another is simply your full complete undivided attention.

If you have twenty minutes I encourage you to sit and reflect:  what were your 2017 top five?  If you are being called to share, please do so … I would be happy to read.

As we set sail into this year, can we be spacious enough to hear this dance called life and, by reflecting, let it offer guidance on where it is asking you to walk. May this year be an offering of the best version of yourSelf … that’s never been seen before?

Have a wonderful year

With love,


During 2018, Gwyn will base himself out of Bali working on a second book, whilst offering teaching tours in France and the United States.  He still will be overseeing and running the majority of the modules in the 2018 nine month therapist training program at Ninderry. The regular yoga classes and therapy sessions offered by Gwyn will conclude with his final class for sometime on 23rd January. Big welcome to Merryn and Sally who will be doing an amazing job of continuing with the weekly classes and sessions throughout the year.

You might be interested to know,  Zenward (Mindvalley) offer Gwyn’s yoga and therapy classes online with a reasonable subscription.

Highlights from the past month – zenthai at Woodford;  at last, the Komangs visit Australia; and celebrations for our 2017 zenthai therapists graduation.


Dates for Gwyn’s Zenthai offerings 2017/2018

Jan 20-21             Zenthai at High Vibes festival, Maleny

Feb 24-Mar 14     Zenthai flow teacher training, Bali – click here for more information …

May 10-13           Level one four day Zenthai Introductory

April 1-7                Zenthai at Bali spirit festival

April 20-22           Zenthai at Byron spirit festival

April 26                 Zenthai therapist nine month training begins (level one prerequisite), Ninderry

May 3-5                 Practice to Therapy  – for post grad therapists, Ninderry

June 2-15              Zenthai at Simon Park Liquid flow Yoga, French Alps

July 6-9                 Zenthai at Chamonix yoga festival, French Alps

July 10-16             Zenthai Level one and two at Chamonix, French Alps

August 9-12         Zenthai Level one four day introductory workshop, Ninderry

Sept 2-14.            Zenthai meets Ayurveda with Gwyn and Kimmana, Bali

Oct 1-22               Zenthai tour of U.S. including Divine Play AcroYoga festival at Portland, Oregan



Sophie Martin

~ Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist ~ Sunshine Coast – based at Yandina Creek with mobile service available 

m: 04 044 459 42


fb: @zenthaibodywork

Healing is a never ending journey towards balance – a constant reminder that everything needs to move all the time. Movement creates space, allowing energy to flow freely and help restore the body’s natural health. 

Sophie has a passion for holistic healing and, when she’s not treatment, she’s looking to expand her knowledge through courses and research. She believes everyone has the capacity to attain their own state of balance and health. 

Sophie’s approach to healing weaves the physical to the spiritual, trust and surrender. She also brings a nurturing and intuitive nature into her practice.  Each session is unique and designed to respond to the individual’s needs. 


sophie-martin-zenthai-shiatsu-therapist-sunshine-coast-queensland-australia-massageYou can visit Sophie in her own quiet and private space in Yandina Creek, surrounded by the trees and native birds. She also offers mobile treatments throughout the Sunshine Coast area.

You can contact her via her mobile, facebook page or email.


sophie-martin-massage-sunshine-cast-queensland-zenthai-shiatsu “To me Zenthai is an experience unique to each individual.  It isn’t a massage but a therapy, nor a ‘quick fix’ but a deep healing practice. 

I cannot express enough my gratitude towards Gwyn Williams for striving to achieving his dream of allowing so many people to explore this transformative modality. 

Since I was little I have had passion about natural and holistic healing, perhaps in part a response to many years of suffering from many illnesses and a very bad back pain that started during my gymnastic training and never left me … until now. 

My mother taught me a lot about nutrition and herbal remedies and I’ve kept on researching and learning ever since. When I found Zenthai I had no intention to become a therapist. I came in for the experience, transformation and self growth. The journey in itself led me to embrace the power of touch.  the joy I feel when I feel my hands having a conversation with the body lying before me is indescribable. 

sophie-martin-massage-remedial-treatment-zenthai-shiatsu-sunshinecoastI am truly blessed to offer this work to my clients and to give them the tools to help them find their own balance. I am thrilled to share my knowledge with them as much as I am to learn from them.  

Fully present, heart wide open, a zenthai sequence is never the same and it never cease to surprise me. It a conversation, a dance… a relationship”

“Health is a relationship between you and your body”

Sophie’s Zen Thai Bodywork is equisite!  She has experience under her belt.  Sensitive, intuitive and professional, she won’t disappoint. Thanks Sophie for your time and care.  
I have had amazing treatments with Sophie, she works with so much compassion and intuition — she leaves you feeling re-energised and completely blissed out.  Sophie you are so good at what you do.  I would highly recommend this beautiful treatment to anyone, even if you don’t have any issues it’s a really nice experience to have. Donnehl

Prayers for Bali


September 2017 – Continually bowing to the might of Agung …

Please join me in prayer for the safety and wellbeing of the land, the animals and the people in the fragile time in Bali …

Black and white  

When I first started coming to Bali thirty five years ago, as a surf-stoked teenager, I vividly remember the black and white chequered cloths wrapped around statues of deities, hanging from sacred sites and worn as striking sarongs by many locals during ceremony.

Over the years I have heard many varied perceptions towards this cloth by bemo drivers, priests and locals  –   all seem to reference the struggle we face in the world of duality. The light and the dark, the like and not like, the good and the evil, the shadow and the radiance. … the ‘us and them ‘

I am not unlike you,  unconsciously placing lines in the sand around the world we see outside. I also notice that when I sense a lack of harmony from the inside, the more it feeds the outside … and vice versa. This mirror is a difficult one to accept.  It’s much easier to blame the rock-n-roll circumstance; the single-eyed, controlling politician; or the impatient truck driver for the apparent lack of harmonious integration.

Yet when I step aside and see — giving space to really see —  there is an allowing for something more integrated than black and white to step in.

Last night, at one-am, we were on motorbikes fleeing a potential volcanic eruption. With another 10,000 villagers, we were in fearful states of not knowing if disaster was about to strike. It was not an easy mind state.

A flat tyre on the busy highway had us looking for something magical to jump in and help out. Knocking on a door at one o’clock in the morning had four Balinese guys awake and changing wheels in a wonderful example of joyfully helping out another human being. In thirty minutes, and after lots of thankyou’s, we were back on the road.  In that precious moment, the black and white of division and separation was instead completed. In its place was simply one human joyfully helping another.

This morning our beautiful Balinese friends headed back to their village, returning to be with their loved ones — brothers, sisters, cousins,  nieces and nephews  —  who did not evacuate.  There is the call to now cease their past differences, join forces and ‘do this thing together’.  Does it really need a potential catastrophe  for us to step away from the unconscious conditioned worlds of separation, into our innate world of harmonious integration?

Maybe my natural inquiry into the black and white cloth in Bali many years ago was a sign, asking us to  “wake up  and look a little deeper,  beyond our world of separation”.  Maybe it was asking us to be at harmony with the ups and downs, the light and the dark, the shadow and the radiance.  By simply embracing the spectrum we can come a little closer to a more unified state of togetherness … inside and out.

Now more than ever I feel the planet is asking us to not only look a little deeper, but, like the midnight mechanic, to act from this fresh new integrated sense.

Everyday is an opportunity.

With love,



Connectedness in vulnerability 

Connectedness in vulnerability  

The Talking stick.

Is it an Indian tribe thing? Is is a hippy thing? Maybe. Does is matter? I actually love offering this and being part of this experience during special occasions. Why? Because it opens your heart and when you open your heart you get better.

This a simply a heart sharing circle.  A chance to be Perfect in your Complete imperfection. A chance to share without reservation around rules and regs.

‘A conversation that comes from the middle of the moment. ‘

The power of talking stick  is in the simplicity and the attention to really listening.

Sit in a circle around a fire and pass around the stick. Only one speaker at a time, everybody listens. There is a lot of space in between sentences and people, where we simply are silent and integrate. No words of approval or disapproval, suggestions for solutions or murmurs of judgment.

Last week during a Circle a young, special, innocent Japanese student shared an embarrassing and obviously lingering incident that had occurred when he was only five years old and was still being obviously played out in various parts of his life.  The sharing was very powerful and a very courageous act of vulnerability. My heart became incredibly expansive and pounded with compassion. There were tears welling in the eyes of many in the circle and raw emotion was tangible with human beingness, alive in its pervading brilliance.

For the next minutes I could feel all hearts were pumping with the same intensive, connected rhythm.  This was an opportunity to experience a wonderful connection that only raw vulnerability offers. Compassion and connection alive to the core.

Hours later,  I reflected how unfortunately rare this experience is. How so many hide in the fear of exposure, noisily sharing the big suitcase of all the things they know to gain some sense of control or approval. We sacrifice a real connection when we only relate in this half mast state. Maybe today is the day we say we don’t know, gain the courage to be really vulnerable and simply share yourself without any thought about how others may perceive you.

The beautiful thing about this state is we all get a chance to really feel the truth around unity.  When vulnerability steps in, it carries it’s best mate of deep rich interconnectedness.

Beyond the delusion of separation is us really doing it all together.

With love,



July 2017

I am sitting in awe in the French Alps, transfixed on the snow-capped peaks of Chamonix and the the lush valleys of the surrounding green,  fed by an untold numbers of pristine clear streams.

I’m filled with an incredible amount of new found buoyancy. I am not completely sure if it is from hanging out with a dear friend and master of Asana for three weeks, where breath and movement has been a continual focus … or is it from the boundless prana that is being consistently fed by this beautiful mountainous area and snow fed streams. Or perhaps it is simply that my eyes have been reopened to a new found wonderment in the simplest of things. I guess it is a mixture of all, but surely this fresh buoyancy has definitely enriched this remarkable ride we label as life.

The buoyancy that sees a skip in your step as you walk down the street; the buoyancy that allows the trek to be a dance up and down the mountain track; the buoyancy that sees a unique beauty in the face in front of you as lift each other up in presence; the buoyancy the evolves from a deep sense of detachment, knowing that each moment whether blissful or awkward , light filled or heavy, will pass with time. This buoyancy instigates a gracious thankyou, by noticing a light fresh offering in each brand new day.

With love,


ps. registrations are now open for zenthai flow training in Bali 2018



~ Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist ~ Southern Gold Coast treatments

m: 0455 855529


fb: Amandala Be Zenthai Shiatsu ~ @flowtopeace


Amandala is passionately committed to living from her heart, cultivating loving presence and serving life through the artful dance of Zenthai Shiatsu. Her love of connection –  blended with intuitive listening and focused intention –  takes her clients on a healing journey that eases tension, opens flow and gently guides them to a place of deep inner peace and greater self awareness.


You can find Amandala in Burleigh Heads, southern Gold Coast. Nourishing treatments are available at her beautiful home healing space, surrounded by nature.

Amandala is available for retreats and events and can be found at some markets and expos for more spontaneous treatments.


Please connect via mobile and messenger to book an appointment ~ 60 and 90 minute options available ~ and check her website for up to date information.

Amandala SAYS…

“I fell in love with the amazing power of healing touch and breath work at a young age through my mother’s nurturing way and I gently wove this awareness into my life as a nurse and masseuse. 

After venturing into the corporate healing paths of humanitarian aid and the medical device industry for a decade I found myself a mother, which swiftly returned me to seek and explore more deeply the benefits of touch and breath awareness again.

I am truly grateful this self inquiry led me to Zenthai Shiatsu, its loving founder and teacher Gwyn Williams and a vast community of soulful inspiration. The introduction and training revealed a beautiful healing dance, which frees and supports us on all levels, allowing energy to flow, balance in motion and space for self healing. I am humbled and blessed to be on this path and look forward to sharing with you.



“Thank you Amandala for a beautiful and nurturing treatment. Your passion and heartfelt love for what you do is felt on every level, I didn’t want it to end!

Michelle Collier, Mindful YOGA NOOSA


Essentially You


May 2017

I’m witnessing  a deep loving in nature at the  moment —  a gentle discarding of the old, allowing a synching with the essential core. The trees are dropping coloured leaves, as they appear to focus on the life force coursing through the centre of their trunks; the birds have a softer chatter and appear to be effortlessly gliding on the calmer winds;  the faces I see in the street appear to affirm this yearning to be immersed quietly in the inner environment.

Life is calling us home to what is really important. … what is essential. We find opportunity to question what is really at our core, in the centre of our trunk … what do we really value?  Are we spending our time and attention on the parts that are truly at our innermost calling?

It appears that, for many, freedom is commonly high on the value list, so it’s possibly a good time to ponder “is Freedom here”? By simply looking at nature we notice it is really saying “take off the back packs: less is more”.

To invite freedom we are asked to think less, eat less, talk less, argue less, need less and feel freedom more. There’s a call to stop ‘the argument’. As we give freedom back to the world, everyone and everything is free to be as they are. And as it is.


Maybe you can feel a shedding of skin, a lightening of the load, and gliding on the gentle breeze, as you truly stop the argument and give this gift of freedom back to the world.

The wonderful revelation for us, as we give this freedom back to people, is we get less concerned how we appear to them.  Letting go of a constant need to be seen as someone, to simply revealing all we are, creates a new-found inner energy — no need for bright shiny leaves, no hiding under pretty feathers, just pure and raw in our true essence. This is freedom.

As we shed our skins at this time of year, the one thing I really love is the simplicity of it all.  And if it’s still getting complicated, it is a good indication that you are off track.Take a good look at life. Our best teacher, a big exhale never felt so good.





~Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist & Facilitator~ Based in Victoria, BC, Canada. Offering treatments workshops, festivals, classes 

fb:: handsbodywork

Clara’s approach to healing is heart-centred, Hands on, Full participation.

zenthai-massage-therapy-bc-canadaHer discipline is in continually opening up to what each moment is asking. She weaves softness and strength into her treatments, intuitively adjusting style, pace, and pressure for individual needs. Her priority on directly addressing each intention is cradled within the safety of non-judgement, deep listening, and great joy.


Clara is based in Victoria, BC, Canada. She offers treatment and workshops around town and is available to travel for festivals and retreats upon request. She is also an Acro Yoga teacher and is passionate about bringing the five elements of Chinese medicine into her offerings. Contact her via email or on her Facebook page.


zenthai-shiatsu-clara-buttermer-canadaI know I’m on the right path when everything begins to fall effortlessly into place. Finding Zenthai has been this for me: the glowing in my chest, the tingles in my body, the absolute yes from every angle of my being. And looking deeper to see how perfectly it synthesizes each thing I value and love in life; touch, creative movement, community, connection to self, other, nature, and spirit. It’s a dream come true to have found one part of what I have to offer to the world, and to know that the journey itself is infinite. It has felt like freedom to study deeper into this modality. I love the work, and that joy is spoken through my hands. The learning has come naturally and easily through me and the humbling continues to deepen as I open my eyes to the whole world of knowledge, experience, and wisdom waiting at my fingertips.Forever, I am a student of life.

flying-therapeutics-zenthai-shiatsu-canadaDeep gratitude goes out to Gwyn for catalysing such a journey of growth and transformation for me and so many others. What a wonderful platform for “coming home to what is real and meaningful”; for finding simplicity amongst the storm.

“Clara is an exceptional healer. Her presence is clear, strong and soft – the perfect balance. I am highly sensitive and quite particular with who I see. From the very beginning I felt safe with Clara as her touch is just divine. She is deeply intuitive and has an ability to communicate with the body at incredibly subtle levels. Her therapy is precise and effective. I have experienced profound healing with her support and highly recommend her as a therapist.”

– Matilda

“I have been amazed by Clara’s intuition, vibes, and skills. I had some really long standing aches and pains and, without any talk of it prior, Clara honed in and healed those physical areas in one session. I was used to living with the discomfort, but now am enjoying pain feedom and supple movement along the side of my body that was constricted before. I also felt comfortable telling Clara about the personal issues I was experiencing and wanting to focus on for healing. Without words, through the treatment, she shared with me a new positive energy vibe. I now return to often. It’s hard to explain, but its like a new sanctuary I can visit anytime to feel nurtured deeply. I’m grateful for the short time I was able to have treatments with Clara here on the Sunshine Coast.”

– Jayne

“Clara has spot on intuition and a very healing touch. She makes one feel at ease and works her magic in a patient and graceful manner. Her knowledge of the body through her yogic practices also adds definition to the experience. Truly enjoyed the healing session we shared and looking forward to having more! My body felt so relaxed and open afterwards. Definitely recommend booking a session.”

-Heather, Registered Massage Therapy student