Bali – Shanti Agung

Our Bali zenthai bodywork and yoga retreat venue –  Shanti Agung and the adjoining Shanti Pantai is a hidden gem, nestled into a small east-coast fishing village, near Candi Dasa, Pantai Jasri.

hire-reatreat-venue-bali-shanti-agungIn the shadow of the mighty Mt Agung, the teaching decks, communal spaces and traditional Balinese villa accommodation exude a raw simplicity, in keeping with their tropical beach-side location.

Our hosts, Mr and Mrs Komang, feed us delicious Balinese food, predominately vegan with eggs and fish available for those who wish.

Some students stay on site, while others stay at an upmarket nearby villa (400m walk). Rooms are twin share and comfortable. Additional upmarket accommodation (extra cost) is available at


(images: Shanti Agung and Shanti Pantai accommodation, bathing)


Mr and Mrs Komang were introduced to Gaia and Gwyn in the late nineties through a mutual friend, Paul Anderson. Paul employed them,  initially as builders and later caretakers of his wooden home, at the secret surf spot he discovered in the mid eighties. In 2007, when Paul was spreading wings and heading elsewhere, it appeared ‘ the Komangs ‘ were heading back to their very small compound in the middle of town which was not favourable.

bali-reatreat-shanti-agung-yoga-workshop-venue-hireIn 2008, Gwyn and Gaia decided to support the family with  the purchase of the small piece of land, creating a family home / yoga / healing centre for them on the edge of the rice field overlooking the mighty Mount Agung.

This served the dual purpose of bringing westerners to Bali to experience the richness of this simple fishing village and provided a home for the Komangs.

The recipe worked. Shanti Agung was born. Beautiful caring people , magical surrounds and divine spirit all aligned.  We have now expanded to an adjacent property with three extra losmens onsite, and, in 2014, a new beach-side teaching deck with accommodation …the new Shanti Pantai.

The building of Shanti Agung has created an occupation for the Komangs, funded their daughter through nursing school and added jobs for 3 to 20 locals ( building or supporting retreats) over the past 7 years, depending what is happening at the time. The centre now provides full employment for 5 people all year, and 10 people during retreat phases.

In brief ..


Pantai Jasri is a small fishing village with surf, ceremony, a chocolate factory and lots of old-style traditional charmon the east coast of Bali  (approx 1.5 hours from airport).


Shanti Agung now has two teaching spaces,  comfortably catering for up to 30 students.

The original site has three accommodation rooms and the new beach dwelling has seven rooms –  accommodation for 10 to 20 people, depending on the couples arrangement.

Both venues have enjoyable communal spaces.  All meals are catered for at the beachside dwelling,  which also includes a pool, massage area and enticing ‘hangout area’.


The use of Shanti Agung’s facilities is included in the cost of our Zenthai retreats.

The venue is also available for hire.

For 2017 we are offering special rate for both teaching spaces and the nine accommodation rooms at the centres – $250 per day (includes both centres).

An extra fee of $30 per head, per day, covers all meals, coconut, water and the extra bits and pieces needed on a retreat. If there are more than 15 students, teachers are not charged.

This really is a home away from home.

We recommend …

Additional accommodation: is very popular with students. These beautiful Balinese style villas, closeby, can accommodate 15-17 people, with only a five-minute beach walk to the centres (cost is approx $30 per head twin share). All students love the extra pampering that happens here, with a restaurant, pool and wifi.

PLEASE NOTE YOU NEED TO BOOK aashayajasri separately online.

A deposit will be needed to hold the space .


A driver can be contacted to collect students from the airport.

Phone 081 23982446 or email  (cost is $45 per car load, very reliable). is another option.

There are a number of wonderful experiences around this village, which is steeped in the charm of simple islander life and ceremonies to the Divine Gods.

Other sites include – white sand beach, ujung waterhole, agung mountain, kings palace , cacao chocolate factory , Turtle bay hideaway, Tenganan  (traditional craft village).
This place is really a quiet gem, among the now busy life around around Bali’s centres. It will take you dreamily back to the Bali of 20 years ago …