12 Day Bali Retreat

September 2-14, 2018 
A Healing Journey :: Movement and Meridians with Gwyn Williams and Kimmana Nichols

12 day Bali Retreat with Yoga, Zenthai Shiatsu Bodywork, Ayurveda, Diagnosis, Therapy and Lifestyle consultancy.

Yoga, Ayurveda, Zenthai Shiatsu Bodywork, 5 elements in daily life, alternative therapies, Balinese culture unveiled and self inquiry. We are inviting you to explore with us along a wonderful therapist training in a quiet village on the East coast of Bali to truly experience a unique offering infiltrated with awareness and culture.

Allow this to be an exploration of a range of healing modalities based upon the five elements. Gwyn Williams and Kimmana Nichols will be sharing their deep passions which involve transformative experiences as a therapist in a wide variety of fields. Both teachers offer an in depth and respected international teaching experience  in their respective areas that will support you not only as a therapist but also with personal journey into relationships and how we interact in the world. Participants should be prepared to strip away the shackles that keep us trapped in a small separate self and dive into a whole new awakened sense of being aimed at realising our true health and vitality, and living from our potential. The retreat also recognises that this small village is a hidden gem amongst Bali’s hidden treasures, so ample time will be available to soak up the magic and discover the richness in many aspects.

Topics include…
  • Inspired Zenthai bodywork.
  • Ayurveda and life consultancy  as a healing tool.
  • Yoga to invigorate and quieten the restlessness.
  • The 5 elements in daily life and a template for optimal health.
  • Simple village life and ceremony.
  • Embodiment of simplicity and truth.
WHERE: Shanti Pantai Temple at a small rural village on the east coast of Bali.
WHEN:   September 2-14,  2018
All participants must note this is a therapist orientated retreat. Prior experience in Zenthai, shiatsu or Thai massage is encouraged but not compulsory.

INVESTMENT… $1850, (includes all meals, tuition and twin share accommodation. $250 own room upgrade option available.

Bookings for other workshops available through gwynzenthai@gmail.com . Or contact on 0416 746 996. www.zenthaishiastu.com