Zenthai Flow – 19 Day Teaching Retreat, Bali

Feb 24 – March 14, 2018
19 Day Bali Training

with asana, partner flows and therapeutic sequences, integrated through the five elements of Chinese Medicine

Gwyn Couples Yoga Newsletter


“Completing Gwyn’s facilitator training was like putting the icing on my teaching cake.

I’ve been teaching for 6 years and after having recently finished the Zenthai training I feel, more than ever, a deep confidence and ability to hold space for my students. I feel comfortable and safe in my own vulnerability as a teacher and I’ve been able to facilitate so much growth in my students through a newfound ability to confidently encourage self enquiry.

The training process was life changing and transformational, and I felt challenged but held throughout the experience. I’d highly recommend any training or retreat held by the Zenthai team.”

– Jess Humphries, editor of Australian Yoga Journal 

“It’s been few months since our retreat in Bali . Interestingly, effect of the retreat lasted for me and I still feel it in my work and also my body.  What we learned and experienced is far beyond words  – how do you describe energy shifting, creativity rising, happiness oozing and far, far more? 

I witnessed significant change in everyone. We came out renewed and impowered .”

–  Asho Gevorgyan, participant Zenthai Flow Teacher’s Retreat, Bali February 2017

This workshop gives yoga teachers and Zenthai therapists the capacity to extend their practice, using their role as teachers to entwine the five elements of Chinese medicine with the three disciplines of:
1. solo asana practice
2. creative partner yoga
3. effective therapeutic bodywork sequences


1. fascia unwinding and spiralling movement
2. embodying meridan stretches and pressure points into the practice
3. creating sequences around the deeper emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the elements


1. deepen the stretch and strengthen
2. develop the receptive capacity and embodying the joy of giving
3. flows with therapeutic focus, based on each element


1. teaching simple flows for troublesome areas
2. deepen your experience with Zenthai Shiatsu (Zen Shiatsu, Thai massage, Osteopathic techniques)
3. understand the nectar of the art is ‘how we touch’ and sharing potent principles from this space


1. the five elements in daily life: movement, mental, emotional and spiritual
2. becoming an effective communicator
3. the three disciplines of Zenthai flows
4. principles of teaching asana
5. principles of teaching partner flow
6. principles of teaching bodywork
7. creating community and  an effective group dynamic
8. marketing and management
9. alignment and safety
10. simplicity and authenticity as tools for transformation
11. structural anatomy
12. overview of the foundation of Chinese medicine

This class will be a practical focus, with considerable focus developing skills, knowledge and confidence for students in teaching roles.

All materials are provided, including manual and DVD.

WHERE: Shanti Pantai Temple at a small rural village on the east coast of Bali.
WHEN: Feb 24 – March 14, 2018
This is a teacher training of movement based therapy.

Prior experience in Zenthai, Shiatsu or Thai massage is encouraged but not compulsory.
INVESTMENT:  $2450 (AU$), (early bird price) –  includes all meals, tuition and twin share accommodation. $500 own room upgrade option available.
Limited spaces available.

Bookings through gwynzenthai@gmail.com or contact on 0416 746 996

Please include the following information in your email –

  • name and age
  • experience with yoga and bodywork
  • reason for applying
  • address
  • background with Zenthai


1. Do I need to be experienced at teaching yoga?

This class is open to experienced teachers who wish to bring creativity and the therapy of Chinese Medicine into their work, as well as individuals who’re beginning their journey and wish to offer a movement-based therapy class and workshops to the wider world.

If you’d like to partake in this training and have no experience as a therapist or teacher, the 4 day Level 1 Zenthai techniques at Mt Ninderry is suggested if possible. However, this is not compulsory.

2. Is this yoga accredited class?

No. This is not a yoga teacher training. It is  movement-based therapy training for yoga teachers, to begin bringing the five elements and therapy into their offerings. Alternatively, it is designed for therapists to begin offering movement-based classes to their clients, so they can begin taking responsibility for their health and vitality.

3. Is this only about bodywork?

The Training is divided equally into three disciplines –  asana, partner flows and bodywork sequences.  Each discipline is interrelated through the five elements of Chinese medicine. 50% focus on teaching asana as it is the most challenging, with 25% each on the other two. Obviously, methodology, anatomy, teaching principles etc demand a considerable amount of time.

4. How much time is focused on teaching?

A lot. By the end of our 19 days together you will have effectively taught a class on each of the disciplines – ie . an asana based class, a partner flow and a body work sequence. Many experiences will be given leading up to this.

5.  Is it a problem if I have no background in bodywork and Chinese medicine?

No.  All of the sequences are taught at a baseline beginners level, so this will be easily integrated into your teachings and your life

6. How many people will be in the class?

The class will be limited to 24 students. Gwyn and an assistant(s) will facilitate the class.

7. Where is the training being held and what will I eat?

Shanti Agung Pantai is located on a small fishing village along east Coast Bali, near Candi Dasa – Pantai Jasri. Our hosts are Mr and Mrs Komang who feed us delicious Balinese food, predominately vegan with eggs and fish available for those who wish. Some students will stay on site while others will stay at an upmarket nearby villa (400 m walk) . Rooms are twin share and comfortable. An upmarket accommodation (extra $600) is available at www.aashayajasri.com

8. What is the basic program?

The first session of each day is you as a student in a yoga and mediation class. After breakfast, we dissect the qualities of each element (Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire) marrying each with the how and what of presenting effective learning environments and putting it all to action. The two sessions after breakfast put students into active teaching roles, where we learn and grow together. A 3-4 hour break 1-4pm is held each day to restore, soak up the offerings of the village or gather with colleagues to collaborate and imprint the material. The afternoons are often bodywork, partner yoga and ‘evolutionary’ discussions in what creates a great teacher.

9. Is acro yoga part of the offerings?

A small part of the fire element partner and therapy flows is set aside for therapeutic flying. (optional segment)

10. When do I need to pay the deposit and remaining fee?

We suggest paying a deposit before the end of 2017. The remaining amount needs to be finalised before the class commencement on Feb 24.

11. How do I apply?

Applications can be emailed to gwynthenthai@gmail

Please include the following information –

  • name and age
  • experience with yoga and bodywork
  • reason for applying
  • address
  • background with Zenthai
12. Can I arrive early?

If time is not on your side please ensure you are in the village a day before the opening ceremony on 24th February at 5 pm.

13. Can I teach the ZENTHAI level one 4-day intensive after this training?

The class will give you the skills and confidence to teach. However, the content of the level one is very structured and you would need to partake in at least two level ones as an assistant, then apply for level one teaching recognition. The geography of your offerings etc. would need to be considered to sync with the larger community.

14. Are the workshops only based on the five elements?

No, we will also address your capacity to share workshops on lower back and shoulder therapeutics, based at the beginners level.

15. What level of teaching experience of teaching yoga or bodywork do I need?

If you can effectively teach sun salutation with all the alignment cues you will be fine. Please ask if unsure. The bodywork experience is not a compulsory, but definitely an advantage.

16. Is the level one Zenthai 4-day intensive a prerequisite?

Level One Zenthai is a helpful asset but not imperative. If you live in Australia, we suggest you take time to attend this intro.

17. How do I describe Zenthai flow to future students and clients?

Zenthai flow is best described as movement-based therapy, based around the five events of Chinese medicine. The asana flow involves vitalising the Meridians or energy lines of the body with the intention of supporting overall wellbeing and dealing with existing imbalances. The yogic and zen philosophies offer a refreshing lens of perception to quieten the mind, direct attention and to embody a more sincere, contributive and harmonious daily life.

18. Is Bali Spirit Festival part of the retreat?

No, the 2018 Bali Spirit Fest isn’t until 1st April. However 17th March is Nyepi, a sacred time on the island where we are in silence all day. No light, just quietly and radiantly sitting with the Divine. If you’re able, we encourage you to experience this very special event.