…Being Spacious…

I have lost count on how many times I have been surfing and impatiently paddled for the first wave of the set and missed it, then turn around to see a much bigger and better wave in front of me, only to cop it on the head and watch it peel past unridden. “If only I had waited and given it some space” … I mutter to myself.

How many times has a potentially uplifting conversation been sabotaged unconsciously because of ‘not enough spaciousness’ and one person continually interrupting another?

How many emotionally charged ‘discussions’ have been miraculously solved by one courageous participant simply listening and creating space for an understanding.

Not only is spaciousness wonderful fuel that enriches relationships, it reclaims vitality and breathes a deep joyful peace into our day it is also completely available. We don’t need to discover it, we need to allow an awareness to invite it in.

It gives fuel to a cosy campfire, the power beneath the seagulls flapping wings and the space between musical notes to gives it that magical fullness.

The wonderful thing about spaciousness is its contagious nature …the more we allow it into our lives …the more expansive our perception becomes.


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