Blessings to you for 2012


Happy New Year to all..yes it appears 2012 is one full of powerful waves. Waves that move ..hopefully moving us into… more alive states of joy, deeper states of connection with each other and nudging us back on track when we waver of our daily path of inner peace. …

The young 4 month old boy in my ARMS .. a delightful reminder of  innocence and raw beauty …iam so immersed in the can not express the words ..just softly squeeze the arms and make weird noises at the smiling alive face. The young babe, Pasco yearns for nothing, it is all with him right now in his simple contented state.  The loving father takes his babe from my arms ….’ How are you little chop?? ” so in love with his own, the words of adoration seem to naturally flow..I am in stitches with tearful joy ..the tears rolling down my face…

Days later i walk into the Nataraja temple in celebration of Yogananda’s birthday. Again the saturation of humaness in its pure and natural state drops me into a complete awakedness of the love and joy we all are beyond the conditionings and delusions that we are separate.  Magnetised  by the poetic and consuming words of Paramhansa I am powerfully reminded in moments of powerfully deep silence, the same message  from Pasco…that everything we ever yearn for is with us right now ..The silence in the group is so rich as we all dive down forgetting each others dreams thus connecting with a purity and beauty that remains alive in us all.

AS it often is in Human life…my wonderful reflection of Humans and our awakened journeys remains on high..until visting  a local waterhole days later..many people , families…etc..a little lost in their dreams..swearing, drinking , smoking  and shouting…My vibrational high begins to slip as i step into a judgemental and pessimistic slide..however iam  nudged slowly back into awakedness by my wife Gaia, reminding myself  of the Divine order that pervades all things, the light behind the eyes of the passer by on the bush track, the loving and mysterious intelligence that emanates from the centre of creation although not so obvious in this scenerio does not mean it does not exist. I look a little deeper for these truths and  the waterhole scene slowly takes on a new colour. A great reminder for me is what we assume, expect or believe creates and colours our experience. By expanding our deepest beliefs about what is possible, we change our experience of life. i will allow Pasco’s( the little chop) smiling eyes and our Rich silence at Yogananda’s birthday celebration to inspire us in the fact that what we focus on is what expands…and the importance of creating new visions for the 2012 …as this is what we will become..

In conclusion i would like to share our Zenthai group’s  annual Woodfordi breakfast where we  summarised words that embraced  visions for 2012..may they inspire us all when we tend to ‘forget’,or waver from our path, keeping us reminded of each day’s amazing potential…





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