The best version of ourselves … January 2018


2018 blessings to all

As we step into a brand new canvas it is not only a stage for new visioning, but also one for reflecting on the year past.  In reflection we are able to access guidance towards where we are now being called to step.

What were your top five experiences for 2017? Challenges and highlights, they are  all there to create a better version of ourselves and possibly give insights on how to offer a more positive impact on the planet for the year ahead.

Here are my top five for 2017 …

  • FAMILY FIRST … with the heart-breaking loss of our dear Nanny June, our family of five came together not only to grieve but to also celebrate our deep bond and full commitment to each other.  With the saturation of being, when you are consumed in your passion, I came back to strong realisations:  to fully participate at the heart of the matter is to share my unbounded love for my wife Gaia and my two amazing sons – Jye and Keed  – and my beautiful daughter Siahn. We took off in a crammed car, without a care in the world, and an intention to simply have fun.  We shared four awesome days together, sleeping on one mattress in a small hot tent,  laughed ourselves to sleep and generally held hands and hearts in a gesture of family first.


  • DEEPENING OF THE ZENTHAI COMMUNITY … from the 19 day flow training in Bali,  to the selfless service around the centre,  to the incredible mixture of individuals in the nine month program and the endless support with social media, websites, programs, assistant teaching  and student support …  I can only bow in gratitude. To watch this forest of individuals, with which I am simply part, sink their roots and create an ever expanding canopy of non-judgement, support and kindness is a gift to witness.


  • ZENTHAI IN EUROPE … bringing Zenthai to Europe to share at Simon Park’s yoga teacher training in the French Alps and then follow up with a Zenthai program in Chamonix at the base of the highest mountain in Europe exceeded any expectations by zillions.  I simply fell in love.  With the mountains, the people, the fresh air, the glacier-fed streams, the pure prana … the beauty everywhere …  I discovered a second home and am definitely back in 2018 …


  • KOMANGS IN AUSTRALIA … nearly ten years after creating Shanti Agung, our yoga retreat centre in Eastern Bali ,we finally got our beautiful Mr and Mrs Komangs out of the rice fields in a little fishing village, on a plane to spend 24 precious days with us. After years of visa refusals and continual obstacles we finally created a lifetime experience for themselves and us.  As I write they are likely at some golden beach getting overwhelmed of how Big and Clean everything is. To offer their gratitude they start each day, sweeping with a broom in their hands. A magical meditation to start the day … such teachers.


  • WOODFORD SAILING … this year at the Woodford festival, the Zenthai tent of 25 metta-infused pirates, offered therapies over six days to a gigantic group of festival goers. The sync, the joy, the seamless flow, was a testament to our art, based around unity and presence. We all reminded each other again and again the greatest gift you can give to another is simply your full complete undivided attention.

If you have twenty minutes I encourage you to sit and reflect:  what were your 2017 top five?  If you are being called to share, please do so … I would be happy to read.

As we set sail into this year, can we be spacious enough to hear this dance called life and, by reflecting, let it offer guidance on where it is asking you to walk. May this year be an offering of the best version of yourSelf … that’s never been seen before?

Have a wonderful year

With love,


During 2018, Gwyn will base himself out of Bali working on a second book, whilst offering teaching tours in France and the United States.  He still will be overseeing and running the majority of the modules in the 2018 nine month therapist training program at Ninderry. The regular yoga classes and therapy sessions offered by Gwyn will conclude with his final class for sometime on 23rd January. Big welcome to Merryn and Sally who will be doing an amazing job of continuing with the weekly classes and sessions throughout the year.

You might be interested to know,  Zenward (Mindvalley) offer Gwyn’s yoga and therapy classes online with a reasonable subscription.

Highlights from the past month – zenthai at Woodford;  at last, the Komangs visit Australia; and celebrations for our 2017 zenthai therapists graduation.


Dates for Gwyn’s Zenthai offerings 2017/2018

Jan 20-21             Zenthai at High Vibes festival, Maleny

Feb 24-Mar 14     Zenthai flow teacher training, Bali – click here for more information …

May 10-13           Level one four day Zenthai Introductory

April 1-7                Zenthai at Bali spirit festival

April 20-22           Zenthai at Byron spirit festival

April 26                 Zenthai therapist nine month training begins (level one prerequisite), Ninderry

May 3-5                 Practice to Therapy  – for post grad therapists, Ninderry

June 2-15              Zenthai at Simon Park Liquid flow Yoga, French Alps

July 6-9                 Zenthai at Chamonix yoga festival, French Alps

July 10-16             Zenthai Level one and two at Chamonix, French Alps

August 9-12         Zenthai Level one four day introductory workshop, Ninderry

Sept 2-14.            Zenthai meets Ayurveda with Gwyn and Kimmana, Bali

Oct 1-22               Zenthai tour of U.S. including Divine Play AcroYoga festival at Portland, Oregan