Ines Oliver
~ Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist ~ Sunshine Coast, Brisbane with mobile treatments available

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Ines says she began her Zen Thai Shiatsu training not really appreciating the full potential of the therapy.  Very quickly she realised the more she learned about Zenthai, the more she fell in love of the dance of this style of bodywork, especially its potential to help release physical, emotional and energetic blockages.

Ines has a deep passion for the unconscious mind, including how generations of emotional blockages  translate to the physical aspect of our bodies – where and how we carry tension.  Ines loves being able to help others through bodywork, reconnecting soul, body and mind, in combination with a deep listening and deep connection to her intuition.

Where can I find INES?

You can find Ines around the Sunshine Coast. She has a treatment room in her home in Coolum Beach. She is also in Brisbane one day a week offering mobile treatments.

Please contact Ines on her mobile or thru email.

INNES says…

“Though Zen Thai Shiatsu I learned how to connect to myself, to be present all the time. I learned when to stop and listen, to give space and support to each emotion and feeling that’s going through my body. I learned how to offer all of that to each of my clients.  To give and receive with an open heart is the most beautiful experience and that’s what I most love about this therapy.

“When you touch something with deep awareness, you touch everything”.

Zen Thai Shiatsu gave me the tools to offer to my clients a safe space where they are able to let go, clear their minds and connect back with themselves. This path is taking me through a beautiful endless journey as I fully immerse in the practice and continue to study and learn for deeper appreciation.

I have a big passion for consciousness and awareness and I love to dive deep in this with each of my clients. ”.

What others are saying:
“My first treatment with Ines was profound.Both the physical relief and non-physical alignment left me in a state of peak wellbeing.  I came away with a clear and focused head and heart and it put me where I needed to be at that time. Subsequent treatments have helped to keep me on track. With a pleasant and professional demeanor, I would recommend Ines for a comfortable and enjoyable experience.”

Sean Keenan

“Ines has an absolutely amazing touch, she can really feel into the body she’s working on and get to the limits of the person without pushing them too far. I recommend her to anyone looking for some healing touch.”

Liam Linane



~Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist & Facilitator~ Based in Victoria, BC, Canada. Offering treatments workshops, festivals, classes 

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Clara’s approach to healing is heart-centred, Hands on, Full participation.

zenthai-massage-therapy-bc-canadaHer discipline is in continually opening up to what each moment is asking. She weaves softness and strength into her treatments, intuitively adjusting style, pace, and pressure for individual needs. Her priority on directly addressing each intention is cradled within the safety of non-judgement, deep listening, and great joy.


Clara is based in Victoria, BC, Canada. She offers treatment and workshops around town and is available to travel for festivals and retreats upon request. She is also an Acro Yoga teacher and is passionate about bringing the five elements of Chinese medicine into her offerings. Contact her via email or on her Facebook page.


zenthai-shiatsu-clara-buttermer-canadaI know I’m on the right path when everything begins to fall effortlessly into place. Finding Zenthai has been this for me: the glowing in my chest, the tingles in my body, the absolute yes from every angle of my being. And looking deeper to see how perfectly it synthesizes each thing I value and love in life; touch, creative movement, community, connection to self, other, nature, and spirit. It’s a dream come true to have found one part of what I have to offer to the world, and to know that the journey itself is infinite. It has felt like freedom to study deeper into this modality. I love the work, and that joy is spoken through my hands. The learning has come naturally and easily through me and the humbling continues to deepen as I open my eyes to the whole world of knowledge, experience, and wisdom waiting at my fingertips.Forever, I am a student of life.

flying-therapeutics-zenthai-shiatsu-canadaDeep gratitude goes out to Gwyn for catalysing such a journey of growth and transformation for me and so many others. What a wonderful platform for “coming home to what is real and meaningful”; for finding simplicity amongst the storm.


“Clara is an exceptional healer. Her presence is clear, strong and soft – the perfect balance. I am highly sensitive and quite particular with who I see. From the very beginning I felt safe with Clara as her touch is just divine. She is deeply intuitive and has an ability to communicate with the body at incredibly subtle levels. Her therapy is precise and effective. I have experienced profound healing with her support and highly recommend her as a therapist.”   – Matilda

“Majestic magic hands you have to be careful of, once Clara touches you it’s hard to let go.  And I’m also grateful to have had the chance to be her performer partner; such a good teacher, flexible and patient body and mentally wise. Don’t miss the chance to cross your way with hers”




~Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist & Facilitator~ Based between Melbourne & the Sunshine Coast. Offering treatments, trainings, retreats & Zenthai Flow Asana classes.

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Sally brings deep receptivity to her treatments. With presence and precision, her touch has a listening quality. It reaches beneath the surface without force, helping to relieve symptoms whilst gathering information about the causes. Guided by her intuition and thorough understanding of the structural and energetic body, Sally will follow the rhythm of your body and it’s unique needs.



Sally is currently based on the Sunshine Coast where she is working with Gwyn Williams at the Zenthai Shiatsu Healing Centre and offering treatments, group Zenthai Flow classes and private sessions from a number of beautiful locations.

Every 6 weeks Sally is in Melbourne and is available for bookings during her visit. 

You can also find Sally facilitating Zenthai workshops and trainings at various events, retreats and festivals, and at the Shanti Agung centre in Bali.


Please refer to Sally’s website for details about booking a treatment or joining a class, or get in touch via phone or email.


I’ve always has a passion for exploring our inner-space and really getting to know ourselves.  Being a dancer and practicing yoga since I could walk, when I first came across Zenthai Shiatsu in 2009 I was immediately moved by the practice. Gwyn had come down to teach some workshops at a yoga studio I taught at in Melbourne. I was deeply touched by Gwyn’s teachings and the dance that Zenthai is. A dance that brings fluidity, aliveness and totality to the body, mind and spirit.. A dance that guides us back home to our true and natural state of being.

Since graduating as a Zenthai Therapist in 2015, I have been teaching with Gwyn on the Sunshine Coast and on Bali trainings. Zenthai Shiatsu and Zenthai Flow have become a big part of my life and offerings. I am forever grateful to be on this path and hold my many teachers dearly in my heart including my peers, students and clients.

Zenthai creates space and time to be with ourself and start to listen. To listen to the tensions we’ve been carrying around, as they unravel like old stories from our joints, tissues, organs, nerves, mind, heart.

For me, Zenthai is a practice of letting go. Getting out of the way so that my client, my students, myself may become hollow like bamboo, and a force greater than we can imagine can flow freely.
It is such an honour to guide my students and clients into that non-judging listening space where they can be with themselves, and where necessary bring light onto the causes of their symptoms and be on their path to healing and wholeness.


Sally is a warm hearted, sensitive, open and well trained practitioner; I received her treatment within a relaxing environment which helped calm my mind. Sally was very intuitive with her healing and I really felt like I was in good hands, so I was able to surrender and allow my muscles and nerves in my neck to heal and realign. Zenthai shiatsu is just as much the patients responsibility for healing as it is for the practitioner and I felt like I was able to relax and let go of my pain and disharmony in my body, whilst Sally helped me to realign to a more harmonious and balanced state. I would definitely recommend booking a session with Sally and encourage everyone to experience this beautiful and effective technique.
-Justin Sherwood – Remedial Massage Therapist

I have known Sally for several years having attended her yoga classes and recently I had a Zenthai healing treatment. It was amazing and I felt the healing continue over days. Sally is a beautiful spirit and is so intuitive with the work she is doing. I loved it so much I took my mother in law to her also, she is 80 years old. She loved it and we can’t wait for our next treatment. Keep shining bright Sally, you are awesome.
-Helen Georgos – Mother and Yoga studentSally Meredith is a naturally gifted intuitive healer, body worker and teacher. She has matured and grown very rapidly in her art as a Zenthai therapist and facilitator.
-Hugh Lee – Yin Yoga Teacher Trainer



~ Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist ~ Southern Gold Coast treatments

m: 0455 855529


fb: Amandala Be Zenthai Shiatsu ~ @flowtopeace


Amandala is passionately committed to living from her heart, cultivating loving presence and serving life through the artful dance of Zenthai Shiatsu. Her love of connection –  blended with intuitive listening and focused intention –  takes her clients on a healing journey that eases tension, opens flow and gently guides them to a place of deep inner peace and greater self awareness.


You can find Amandala in Burleigh Heads, southern Gold Coast. Nourishing treatments are available at her beautiful home healing space, surrounded by nature.

Amandala is available for retreats and events and can be found at some markets and expos for more spontaneous treatments.


Please connect via mobile and messenger to book an appointment ~ 60 and 90 minute options available ~ and check her website for up to date information.

Amandala SAYS…

“I fell in love with the amazing power of healing touch and breath work at a young age through my mother’s nurturing way and I gently wove this awareness into my life as a nurse and masseuse. 

After venturing into the corporate healing paths of humanitarian aid and the medical device industry for a decade I found myself a mother, which swiftly returned me to seek and explore more deeply the benefits of touch and breath awareness again.

I am truly grateful this self inquiry led me to Zenthai Shiatsu, its loving founder and teacher Gwyn Williams and a vast community of soulful inspiration. The introduction and training revealed a beautiful healing dance, which frees and supports us on all levels, allowing energy to flow, balance in motion and space for self healing. I am humbled and blessed to be on this path and look forward to sharing with you.



“Thank you Amandala for a beautiful and nurturing treatment. Your passion and heartfelt love for what you do is felt on every level, I didn’t want it to end!

Michelle Collier, Mindful YOGA NOOSA


Amanda Living

~ ZenThai  Shiatsu Therapist ~  Gold Coast based treatments.

mob: 0402 295 581

Amanda is an experienced therapist with over 25 years offering holistic care through a range of massage modalities, 10 of these years working in 5 star health retreats in Australia and Canada.

Amanda loves Zenthai Shiatsu as it is founded upon philosophy, techniques and science but allows for her own intrinsic intuition and intelligence to guide the flow of the therapy.

Where can I find Amanda?

Amanda is based on the Gold Coast and offers Zenthai Shiatsu treatments from her private clinic 5 minutes from Nerang. Amanda offers a mobile service into the comfort of your own home or office. Amanda is available for national or international travel on request- festivals, markets, retreats or private practice.

Amanda says…

“I fell in love with Zenthai Shiatsu after receiving a treatment from Gwyn at Mt Ninderry Healing Centre, Yandina. My mind and heart were inspired by IMG_5579the movement and flow of the therapy. As an athlete, physical movement has always been one of my highest values. Seeing this movement offered through a massage therapy resonated with me and my focus on supporting people in their healing journey.

I began studying with Gwyn in 2009 and have thoroughly enjoyed offering Zenthai Shiatsu to people who are looking for support on their journey to better health, healing and vitality. My role in facilitating the healing process includes connecting people to their bodies and energy. As a therapist I also assist people to better understand their bodies and how they can heal themselves through mindful breath and movement.”

What others are saying:
IMG_5556I have been receiving Amanda Living zen thai massages for over 5 years. I started having issues with my lower back after years of equestrian. My back issues continues once I joined the police service. Regular visits to Amanda living zen thai massage has been a great benefit, it has almost eliminated my back issues & made conducting my job & day to day activities much easier & pain free. I highly recommend Amanda Living zen thai massage.

Sergeant Chloe Barton

Amanda LIVING’S  Zen thai Shiatsu Massage is a massage experience that all busy ,sore bodies would  benefit from and want more of. Enjoy  her wonderful massage. Amanda comes Highly recommended.


On my first visit to Amanda I was suffering with a sciatic nerve problem in my thigh and leg. I was nervous about going, but soon realized after my first message that Zen Thai Shiatsu massage is different to any I have experienced before and I came away feeling much better and in far less pain. Zen Thai Shiatsu massage is a mix of stretching and massage that has improved my general overall well-being and I have continued to have a Zen Thai Shiatsu massage with Amanda every two to three weeks. Amanda seems to instinctively find the ‘tight spots’ that need stretching and has loosened up the joints and simply makes me feel more mobile afterwards. I would recommend Amanda for anyone looking for passionate person who has a love and dedication for her work in Zen Thai Shiatsu massage.
This is truly an amazing experience that I was wary about in the beginning, but now knowing how well I feel after my massage I always look forward to my next visit.

Maree Dowdy


Bunya Halasz

~ Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist ~ Byron Bay/Mullumbimby Region based treatments

mob: 0415 147 999
facebook:  Bunya Halasz

Bunya is passionate about discovering and uncovering our true nature. His treatments focus on releasing tension from the body and nourishing the whole being to reveal deeper awareness and intuition for personal healing.

Where can I find Bunya?

You can find Bunya in Byron Bay/Mullumbimby Region offering treatments by arrangement from a range of possible venues including your home.

Bunya says…

“I am deeply inspired by the practices of Zenthai Shiatsu within which I discover that true healing arises by simply removing the obstacles that l48BdEU78XS2zHQ2cTfWHtsmN-yjANhkIDzLVbCcV-w,rGTf7YNdG_5SUUDqNCwQ27yZvBeQqhaEVJRK4bGucYw,OxhzGKq5NwtbIcKHc-4QsX3QdiJEzIyvOz3oTbP6_mY,qe4ltteBW32oyY2N2lASQrwUPD9uz32wJLyMl9-VYS8are preventing this natural state of health to arise, then creating a supportive space to allowing the flow of life force to return. I am passionate about connecting with people in both dynamic movement and stillness, tailoring treatments to the specific needs of each individuals condition. I also work as an Organic Farmer and Permaculture Designer – activities that connect me to the elements of nature, constantly inspiring and reinterpreting the way I comprehend and interact with the human body and being. With every treatment I gain valuable insight into myself and a deeper understanding of the way of all things. After 5 years practice of Zen Shiatsu followed by 5 years of ongoing training and practice in the art of Zen Thai I am deeply in gratitude to these techniques for the wellbeing they generate which overflows into the world around us.”

What others are saying:
Bunya Resized“Some people love food….. I consider myself a connoisseur of massage, having recieved a multitude of treatments from countless massures around the world.
From the moment Bunya placed his hands on me I knew I’d found a unique therapist. I knew I was in the presence of someone with a genuine intention to support me. He was present, ready to listen and I was instantly calm.
Bunya’s massage style is nurturing, gentle yet firm, he has an amazing ability to place the exact amount of pressure. He is skilled and intuitive. Every massage I have with Bunya results in my body releasing more and more tension. I always feel relaxed and deeply rested afterwards.
Bunya holds an awareness and sensitivity rarely found in a massage therapist. I am so grateful I found him.
Bunya thank you so much for your attention, loving nature and ever present willingness to work with me.”

Lou, Therapist

“Bunya’s manner was professional but also heartfelt. The subltle movements and touch relaxed me and I experienced deep relaxation and symptomatic relief. I felt a care and intention that I haven’t felt with other practitioners and will definitely come back for another session.”

Chris, Organic Farmer

“I have been a regular client of Bunya Halasz for the last 10 years and his bodywork is mindful, caring and therapeutic. Being particular about the kind of touch I receive, I find Bunya confident, relaxed and aware of my needs and very intuitive about the treatment he offers. I feel a depth of relaxation and presence within my body, like a mix between meditation and deep rest. Knowing that he is a committed student of the healing arts and eastern philosophy for over 15 years, I trust his integrity and learned, compassionate approach to the bodywork he offers.”

Angela, Artist


Caitlin Clare

~ Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist ~ Sunshine Coast and Mobile treatments.

mob: 0498 098 773

Caitlin is passionate about being present. She lives with great awareness, spirit, care, and depth. These qualities flow through her practice to provide treatments rich in focused therapeutic touch, which deeply relaxes and allows the body and mind to heal and realign.

Where can I find Caitlin?

You can find Caitlin at Mt Ninderry Healing Centre, Yandina, or she is available for mobile treatments between the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane.  She can also come to your home, office, or retreat to give back to back treatments for multiple clients. This is a popular choice and a lovely way to get together with friends or family.

Caitlin says…

“A very kind Zenthai Shiatsu therapist helped me through the long road of a major back injury. I loved the way Zenthai challenged me to fully surrender and relax my body. I loved the obvious and immediate benefits for my body, and the great depths that touch can reach when it is delivered slowly and with focus. So I started learning the art as soon as my back healed so that I can share it with others.

A deep bow to Gwyn Williams’ teaching, and his way of being so ordinarily enlightened, and also to Zenthai Shiatsu as a therapy. I feel it to be a truly gold standard modality. If I ever start to wane in my passion of giving Zenthai Shiatsu, all I have to do is receive a treatment to be instantly re-inspired and to remember exactly why I do this. It feels so good to get, I want to give it.”

What others are saying:
“I’ve been getting massages from Caitlin for 2 years now and I won’t go to anyone else because when I have I am always disappointed. She is so intuitive and present and always hears my need and tailors her treatment accordingly.“

Alicia Mendelson, Redcliffe

“Every month I get together with 3 of my friends and we all get a treatment from Caitlin. We alternate which one of our homes she comes to. It is such a huge support, I am so grateful for Caitlin!”

Sarah Davidson, Maroochydore

“I have been receiving treatments from Caitlin over the last 12 months. She is sensitive and intuitive and gives full focus to the process of healing as it arises. I offer this recommendation with blessings for others who may seek her care.”

Liz Capelin, Cooran

“The treatments I have received from Caitlin have been wonderful. She is so intuitive and focused. I’ve always been left feeling balanced and satisfied”

Tim Lang, Cooran


Carolyn Glover

~ Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist ~ Umina Beach, NSW  and mobile treatments

mob  ::  0414 500 268
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Carolyn Glover is passionate about the power of releasing energy flow within the body.

A cornerstone of Zenthai Shiatsu is natural fit – it has become a natural fit for me to offer ZenThai Shiatsu side by side with sharing Yoga as a teacher and studio owner.

Where can I find Carolyn?

Umina Beach, Central Coast, NSW . During the week Carolyn meets clients at the Umina Beach Yoga Studio on Trafalgar Avenue, Umina Beach as well as at a small private studio in south Umina.

Both treatment spaces are bright, airy and peaceful spaces suited to longer treatments. Sessions are 60 – 90 mins and can be booked Monday – Friday (10 – 2pm)  Saturday from 9am -3pm by appointment.Carolyn is also available for mobile treatments on the central coast and Sydney, and can offer treatments at your home, office or retreat space for family and friends.

Carolyn says…

“In 2013 I fell in love with the amazing healing power of this bodywork, it soon became obvious that I needed to learn how to share it with others._DSC0914

My journey with Zen Thai Shiatsu has been one of layers falling away – Empty Empty. Happy, Happy – switching off sympathetic nervous system, getting rid of my unconscious shield – learning to become vulnerable. Both bodies relax –  leading to an efficient and harmonious flow of energy though the rivers of life.

Moving with the seasons, and supporting natural health with the elements –health and life force flows.

I am inspired by and am in deep gratitude to our teacher Gwyn – his teachings, generosity, spaciousness, by my Zenthai brothers and sisters who embody love, joy and connection, and my family who remind me to look up and bathe in sunshine.

Sharing with others is a gift, and honour and a privilege. A journey, together.”

What others are saying:
“Just wonderful! I recommend Carolyn’s massage as an essential regular treatment for everyone. She is a great therapist, focused, sensitive and relaxed. Can’t wait for my next appointment.”


“Zen Thai Shiatsu RULES! and Carolyn Glover is fantastic. After a session, I float away and feel so relaxed and fluid.Even if you’re not into massage, I encourage you to give it a go. As a friend once said “It’s like yoga for lazy people”


“Carolyn is an amazing therapist with beautiful energy! I have had two sessions and I keep coming back! I feel balanced and in harmony after Carolyn’s loving treatment!”

Elita X


Carmen Walker

~ Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist ~ Sunshine Coast based ~ treatments and workshops

mob  ::  0437 825 152
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Carmen is an experienced therapist with over 13 years in her field of “Kahuna Bodywork”. She was introduced to “Zenthai Shiatsu Therapy in 2011 & found a deep love for this practice. She is passionate about creating a dance between these two beautiful healing art forms & sharing them with soulful beings.

Where can I find Carmen?

You can find Carmen at the “Atlantean Earth Healing Centre” in Yandina, 19 Farrell St (Behind the old church) or in your own home or workplace by appointment.  Appointments available 7 days a week.  Check out Zen Huna on facebook.

Carmen says…

2013 bio shots 014“My interest in healing touch is something that has always been with me, I was the little girl that was always massaging her aunties & family.  I moved into study & training in Swedish massage in 1996, then went on to study Reiki.  In 2000 I began studying Kahuna Bodywork right here on the Sunny Coast with my beautiful teacher Mette Sorensen.

Over the next decade I worked, studied & completed 5 levels of Kahuna Bodywork, Pregnancy Massage, Healing Hands Chair Massage & Hot Rocks Therapy.  I had my first Zenthai Shiatsu treatment with a very dear friend of mine in 2011 & felt a deep passion to incorporate this incredible healing practice into my world & so began training with my humble teacher Gwyn Williams.

Having completed my studies in December 2012 I now look forward to creating a beautiful dance between these two healing modalities and sharing ths joy-filled practice within our beautiful community & with family & friends.”

What others are saying:
2013 bio shots 018“I have had many massages from Carmen and I highly recommend her. She is very thorough and connects with your body, as to what you need to have done.  She has excellent hands and it is all done with love.”

Delia M Lane – Client.

“I have been massaged by Carmen Walker for approximately 14 years. Putting it quite simply Carmenis a healer of the highest order. She is compassionate and creative. Her uncanny ability to intuit my physical and subtle body is next to none. I have on many occasions brought a worn out body to Carmenand she has managed to transform me through a journey of stretches, deep tissue massage and the channelling of powerful healing energy. She is tireless in her commitment to the process of wellness for others and herself. Like great healers Carmen also keeps herself in check with her raw ability to be honest and also kind. I admire her tenacity for this and therefore have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Carmen to massage whoever may be fortunate enough to cross paths.”

Alison Challis – Client

“I have never been truly comfortable with getting a massage. I am one of those people who normally avoid physical contact. In the past, when I have tried massage, I have become very upset and cried a lot, by my stress levels. I was nervous and even a little anxious prior to the treatment & was sure I’d get upset. I was to be very pleasantly surprised. Carmen’s treatment was like nothing I had experienced before. I instantly felt I was in the hands of a professional. I had a strong sense of trust, that everything would be okay. She really helped me to let go and relax into the treatment through her calmness and by helping me breathe. Not long into the massage I started to experience a feeling of joy. I was so surprised. I started grinning and totally let myself go. I felt wonderful & empowered afterwards. I believe Carmen is a natural healer who has dedicated herself to gaining knowledge of her trade. It certainly shows on the work she did on me. I loved it. Thanks Carmen.”

Helen Lightfoot – Client


Cas Cunningham

 ~ ZenThai  Shiatsu Therapist ~ Sunshine Coast based treatments.

m :: 0423 950 961
e ::

Cas is an experienced Zen Thai Shiatsu practitioner who is also studying Acupuncture. She believes that by bringing balance to the Mind, Body & Spirit it enhances our natural ability to heal ourselves on a structural and energetic level. Cas sees Zen Thai Shiatsu as the perfect tool to create an environment for this natural healing to occur.

Where can I find Cas?

Cas is located on the Sunshine Coast but is also available for mobile treatments in Sunshine Coast & Brisbane as she is there every week. Cas also offers therapy at various Yoga retreats and festivals throughout the year.

Cas says…

Cas 3 - Copy“From the first time I had a Zen Thai Shiatsu treatment I was inspired. I purchased the book ‘The Zen of Touch’ written by Gwyn Williams (Founder of Zen Thai Shiatsu) and I just had to know more…so the journey began. I spent the next 2 years diving deep into anything Zen Thai here on the sunshine coast and in Bali. I graduated as a Zen Thai shiatsu therapist in 2013.

My goal as a therapist is to share with you loving kindness through focused intention and mindful touch, to gently move and stretch your body to its limits to create space in the joints and move qi throughout the body, to allow a nurturing space for your mind and body to slow down, connect, open and heal itself.

At a time in my life when I was so busy and maybe a little bit broken I found stillness in this movement and I would like to share this during my treatments.”

What others are saying:
Cas 2 - CopyCas has been my Zen Thai Shiatsu Therapist for 3 years. This is a beautiful therapy wonderfully applied by Cas with great skill & Intuition.  Cas generates a very special synergistic energy that promotes healing & joy.  I cannot recommend Cas enough.

Celestica Nagai