Chris Alford

~ Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist ~ Brisbane based treatments

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Chris was originally captivated by the creativity and connection that happens in a Zenthai Shiatsu session. He continues to be inspired by the tremendous potential of this healing modality, which draws from both ancient wisdom and modern innovation while being essentially grounded in focused intention. His intention is to create a supportive, responsive and creative treatment that encourages vitality, harmony and clarity.

Off the mat Chris is passionate about expressing his love of the colour and mystery of life through music, reading, films, adventure and immersion in nature. He is an avid student/facilitator of Applied EcoPsychology (forming deep relationships with Nature as a healing/wisdom partner) and increasingly draws upon the wisdom found in this web of connection to underpin his role as a therapist.

Where can I find Chris?

You can find Chris in Red Hill, Brisbane.  Mobile treatments can be arranged if they are within 10km of Red Hill. Treatments are offered at 60 mins or 90 mins by appointment.  Please contact Chris on his mobile.

Chris says…

Chris Action 1“For me,  Zenthai Shiatsu is most essentially a vehicle for sharing the genuine expression of loving kindness that is at the core of each being.

After some years of practicing yoga and meditation I began to feel that a vital dimension of myself was longing to be expressed.

It wasn’t until I first found Zenthai Shiatsu that I realised that this longing was for a way to deeply connect to people beyond the ordinary superficialities that we so often remain stuck in.

This is really possible with Zenthai Shiatsu because the expression of loving kindness through touch and awareness is indiscriminate and meets each person from a place of deep acceptance: it is essentially an outpouring of the love of life that radiates through us all.”

What others are saying:
Chris Action 2“I’ve had many Zenthai Shiatsu treatments with Chris and plan to have many more. He is a gentle and caring soul and this can be felt through his massages. Chris uses exactly the right pressure and stretches for me, loosening my stiff hips and shoulders and relieving pain. I also love the gentle rocking of Zenthai which leaves me feeling relaxed and re-energised.”


“The best treatments I’ve ever had have been from Chris. His intuitive, flowing style and grounded energy make for both a relaxing and vitalising session.  He has alleviated many physical and emotional disturbances for me over the years. I highly recommend his treatments to everyone.”



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