~Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist & Facilitator~ Based in Victoria, BC, Canada. Offering treatments workshops, festivals, classes 

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Clara’s approach to healing is heart-centred, Hands on, Full participation.

zenthai-massage-therapy-bc-canadaHer discipline is in continually opening up to what each moment is asking. She weaves softness and strength into her treatments, intuitively adjusting style, pace, and pressure for individual needs. Her priority on directly addressing each intention is cradled within the safety of non-judgement, deep listening, and great joy.


Clara is based in Victoria, BC, Canada. She offers treatment and workshops around town and is available to travel for festivals and retreats upon request. She is also an Acro Yoga teacher and is passionate about bringing the five elements of Chinese medicine into her offerings. Contact her via email or on her Facebook page.


zenthai-shiatsu-clara-buttermer-canadaI know I’m on the right path when everything begins to fall effortlessly into place. Finding Zenthai has been this for me: the glowing in my chest, the tingles in my body, the absolute yes from every angle of my being. And looking deeper to see how perfectly it synthesizes each thing I value and love in life; touch, creative movement, community, connection to self, other, nature, and spirit. It’s a dream come true to have found one part of what I have to offer to the world, and to know that the journey itself is infinite. It has felt like freedom to study deeper into this modality. I love the work, and that joy is spoken through my hands. The learning has come naturally and easily through me and the humbling continues to deepen as I open my eyes to the whole world of knowledge, experience, and wisdom waiting at my fingertips.Forever, I am a student of life.

flying-therapeutics-zenthai-shiatsu-canadaDeep gratitude goes out to Gwyn for catalysing such a journey of growth and transformation for me and so many others. What a wonderful platform for “coming home to what is real and meaningful”; for finding simplicity amongst the storm.

“Clara is an exceptional healer. Her presence is clear, strong and soft – the perfect balance. I am highly sensitive and quite particular with who I see. From the very beginning I felt safe with Clara as her touch is just divine. She is deeply intuitive and has an ability to communicate with the body at incredibly subtle levels. Her therapy is precise and effective. I have experienced profound healing with her support and highly recommend her as a therapist.”

– Matilda

“I have been amazed by Clara’s intuition, vibes, and skills. I had some really long standing aches and pains and, without any talk of it prior, Clara honed in and healed those physical areas in one session. I was used to living with the discomfort, but now am enjoying pain feedom and supple movement along the side of my body that was constricted before. I also felt comfortable telling Clara about the personal issues I was experiencing and wanting to focus on for healing. Without words, through the treatment, she shared with me a new positive energy vibe. I now return to often. It’s hard to explain, but its like a new sanctuary I can visit anytime to feel nurtured deeply. I’m grateful for the short time I was able to have treatments with Clara here on the Sunshine Coast.”

– Jayne

“Clara has spot on intuition and a very healing touch. She makes one feel at ease and works her magic in a patient and graceful manner. Her knowledge of the body through her yogic practices also adds definition to the experience. Truly enjoyed the healing session we shared and looking forward to having more! My body felt so relaxed and open afterwards. Definitely recommend booking a session.”

-Heather, Registered Massage Therapy student