Debra McIntosh

~ Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist & Facilitator ~ Melbourne City and Suburbs based ~ treatments and workshops

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Debra is passionate about being present within her treatment, with a heartfelt connection. Focusing on any immediate discomfort within the body and paying attention to deeper disharmonies that unveil. Through Debra’s acquired knowledge and intuitive nature she encourages a state of natural balance and a sense of wellbeing for her clients.

Where can I find Debra?

You can find Debra at her Embodiments Treatment and Yoga Spaces in Melbourne City and surrounding suburbs.  Body Therapy Treatments are available (from 60mins – 120mins) Monday to Saturday. All bookings by appointment only. Also available for Community and Holistic Events.

Debra says…

IMG_6134“What I love about Zenthai Shiatstu is that it allows us to take life less seriously. Its playful dance can embody many moments of laughter and deep joy, sounds of letting go, present mind, inner peace, spiritual grace and tears of healing. These emotive shifts and states of awareness within any given treatment can release acute physical tension by simply trusting the process.

Being a spiritual dancer at heart I took to bodywork surprising well over 15 years ago at a natural medical centre which gave me my start in remedial massage, aromatherapy and an array of natural therapy treatments. Having been mentored by a number of teachers along the way and tasted Zenthai Shiatsu when it all began, I now have a solid foundation to draw from with added yoga and training qualifications.

It is familiar territory to touch… and I am continually humbled with each experience shared on the mat with this transforming therapy which has become the forefront in my bodywork. Namaste.”

What others are saying:
IMG_6111“I have been having zenthai  with Debra for nearly 12 months. I’m very fussy who touches me as I have had back problems in the past. I always feel great after the treatments and not just physically they are also healing as well.”

Louise Dacey (client)

“After trying Debra’s zen thai massage, a traditional massage will seem relatively ordinary. A zen thai massage has got all the positives of a traditional massage, plus you get an all over body stretch at the same time. Debra never ceases to amaze me at the variety of stretches she is able to achieve, and every session she comes up with a few new ones. Having your body gently stretched in ways you may not have been stretched before, must have heaps of health and posture benefits, plus it is very relaxing. I know that Debra is constantly improving her knowledge in massage and many other health related areas.  Each massage is like a new adventure as there is always something new. Definitely worth a go.”

Gary Kiorgaard (client)


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