…Discipline… A Consistent Practise

I have been sitting , moving , breathing and bowing in front of a huge altar for two days now. …continually in awe, being constantly reminded of the beauty in nature and the benefit of quiet in our lives.  Having recently completed a 7 day ‘ life is perfect’ retreat co facilitating with Kevin James …it is a simple extension of what we have been heartfully sharing with the group. ..in the past week.

..Yoga, bodywork, singing , sharing and opening in front of the mesmerising Agung….where  we remind each other there is no issue if we can’t touch our toes but it is what we learn on the way down that matters. Discipline is not about ambition but by having a consistent practice.As we share in the final circle there is a clear fluidity and ease being reflected in people faces. For  some it is simply the way many comfortably now sit cross legged on the meditation cushion..Sitting more restfully with themselves..physically, mentally and spiritually….the fruits of a consistent practice.

One students shares how the challenge of having a ..Nyepi day..where we are forced to remain in our homes, no lights, minimal noise and activity revealed to her a rich stillness that was missing in her life for decades. I look again at the great Altar Agung recalling back 6 months earlier where We climbed to the summit with my 16 year daughter. A huge feat for her considering the physical demands the climb places on the body and mind when climbing 2.30 am in the morning. While reaching the summit was a great motivator to keep her moving , I remind her it is the simple consistent practice of placing one foot in front of the other that will bring her to the destination.

In this time as many veils are being revealed for so many through an expanded consciousness, can we remind each to be consistent towards the practice of not falling asleep into old patterns of doing, thinking and relating.

Sadhana …a consistent daily spiritual practice is really a huge support system… I stare back at Agung with a prayer I remind myself to  consistently  see the beauty in All things and to take time to rest inside , take my attention to my heart centre and ensure the way that I act and speak today is congruent with an intention that comes from here.




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