Dror Barkai

~ Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist ~ Sunshine Coast and mobile treatments

mob: 0490 387 217
email : tzipor@gmail.com

Dror’s curiosity and passion for the freedom of self led him to experience the combination of Zenthai Shiatsu; a movement based therapy that grows from the love and awareness of Gwyn Williams. Dror finds this practice has a consciousness of its own. It grows and brings freedom and awareness on all levels of mind, body and soul to manifest the natural process of healing self and others.

Where can I find Dror?

You can find Dror at Eumundi on the Sunshine Coast and at the Eumundi markets on Wednesdays, Saturdays (subject to change) and also mobile treatments available at your home for gatherings of more than one person.

Dror says…

“Coming from a background of physical farming from young age, army, martial arts and competitive sports, while having to learn to walk again at the age of four years, I was naturally drawn to helping people on many different circumstances with great relief. I felt really good doing so. Arriving in Australia and running my own landscaping design business, maintaining the physical practice with lots of injuries, I embarked on a healing journey with my chiropractor for the next 6 years learning and observing from my own experience and others.

Thinking of change…

At that time I spent a lot of time at the Eumundi markets and got curious and connected to the energy flow movement by my teacher-to-come Gwyn Williams. I noticed the way two bodies become one with no separation. The response of the client melted as Gwyn focused intention creating a conscious dance which I could recognise and connect with.

Took me 3 years to find my way for my first treatment with Gwyn, the way he connected was an invitation for my next paradigm of sharing this beautiful intricate whole fullness practice that I will share with you.

Bless up joyful day”

What others are saying:
20161020_163511-1“I have had several massages by Dror and his Zen Thai Shiatsu one was the most amazing of them all. Dror is incredibly intuitive as a masseur. He instinctively seems to know where I feel the pain without asking and knows when to increase and decrease the pressure at exactly the right time. I always go away from his massages feeling very loose, but without the soreness I get from other masseurs.

The day before my wedding Dror gave me a Zen Thai Shiatsu massage. As you can imagine, I was extremely stressed and feeling incredibly tight, especially around the shoulders. Dror sat behind me and then it was like he blended into me. His movement and stretching became an extension of me. It was the weirdest but most freeing feeling and when he was finished I felt incredibly relaxed both in body and mind. It is my most favourite massage and I am so pleased to be able to recommend such a beautiful soul who has such a genuine desire to help people.”

Clare Capon
Good Vibrations Holistic Healing

Hello to anyone wondering about Dror Barkai and facilitation of Zen Thai Shiatsu he shares. I have had spinal issues from a parachute accident and this escalated with major stress in my life to a state where it has been hard to function and even be here living this life at times. I have disregarded modern doctors and I have sourced natural therapies for over 11 years. I have spent over $40000 trying to get relief and heal myself.  I have had two treatments off Dror, the first treatment I was amazed at the time he put in and how he did the whole body not just the part that was sore. He released tight sore parts of my body that no one had been able to release before. I found this treatment to be relaxing and it brought relief followed by a lot of clarity in my mind because I wasn’t dealing with so many muscles be sore or locked up. The second treatment I had left for over six months. I had gotten to a stage of being very locked up and in pain. He gave me a treatment and didn’t stop until every part had been seen. What I noticed he intuitively went to the parts on my body that really need attention then proceeded to do the whole body. I had mention to my wife before that this would have to be up there with the best treatments I have ever received. I would openly recommend Dror to any one and after seeing so many health professionals they are only a handful I would recommend.

Robert Wyborn


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