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Gigi brings over 20 years of yoga and meditation practice to her Zenthai Shiatsu treatments. Her deep belief in the power of bringing awareness to the breath and body, and her fascination with the functioning of the human body and its systems combine perfectly in the Zenthai dance. She aims to invoke a space of deep stillness from which the body can re-establish its natural state of balance.

Where can I find Gigi?

You can find  Gigi in the in the Byron Bay area and also in Melbourne where she offers sessions several times a year. In the Byron Shire you can see her at her clinic just outside Mullumbimby, or she can come to your home or workplace. She also has a stall at the Byron Bay market on the first Sunday of each month and Bangalow market on the fourth Sunday of the month – but best to confirm with her that she will be there as it depends on the weather!

Gigi says…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“In early 2011 I arrived at Mt Ninderry to do an introductory 4-day course without ever having experienced Zenthai Shiatsu, and instantly fell in love with it. I travelled back 3 weeks later to do the next course and didn’t stop until I had finished the whole practitioner training.

I have loved to share massage since I was 9 years old, and as an adult studied Shiatsu, Kinesiology and Reiki, as well as maintaining a regular practice of yoga and meditation.

In Zenthai I feel that I have discovered the perfect vehicle to combine all of these, and to share a meditative experience through loving and mindful touch. I particularly love the flowing nature of Zenthai Shiatsu, and how each treatment unfolds in its own unique way.

It’s a wonderful combination of structural and energetic therapy, and I really enjoy being able to address both of these aspects with the one treatment.

Most of all I treasure what Gwyn calls the ‘threads’ of Zenthai – his constant reminders to us to be in our hearts, to be present and relaxed in our own bodies, to carefully feel the client’s body and the perfect fit between the two… each session becomes a practice of deep awareness which in time expands to the whole of life.

I am very happy to be practicing and sharing this beautiful modality.”

What others are saying:
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Gigi is an awesome therapist. I found the wonderful combination of stretching and shiatsu released a lot of tension and anxiety. Feeling very blissed, peaceful and grateful. I highly recommend Gigi.”

Daniel Prokop

“I can’t say enough about Zenthai and Gigi. At first I was skeptical that Zenthai could really be as good as Swedish or other deeply relaxing massages, but it was way better than any style I’ve ever experienced. I think of it as lazy man’s yoga! Gigi’s wonderful contemplative energy lends a beautiful transmission to the whole session that will leave you on cloud nine. Simply divine!”

Laura Curley

“I found Gigi by a chance encounter.  My particular issue at the time was the disability from a damaged arthritic knee.  She has brought great skill and healing to that issue and has extended her skills to my joints generally with the result that I feel a healing process is underway and I am very hopeful of a further significant improvement in my overall mobility.  Gigi also bring a great calmness and tranquility during the treatments which has been particularly helpful to me. Many thanks….”

Peter Purcell


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  1. Have just had a baby 3 weeks ago. Had an epidural and csection finding my back is pretty painful. Looking for an in home massage. Shiatsu for an hour. Can do tomorrow afternoon or Thursday. Am in Byron Bay

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