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Warm hugs at Agung …We are all huddled at the summit of Mt Agung … 6am in the morning , absolutely  freezing cold after just completing the ascent from Agung temple in the early hours of the morning.  It is a bitter wind, cutting us all to the bone as we wait for the sun to rise and give us some warmth to breathe again fully.  Without hesitation we all huddle together, rubbing each others backs and heads, laughingly, lying over each other in a human pile of metta as the cold wind slowly ceases its penetrating bitterness. Soon we are warm and dancing to the beats of Bob Marley as the sun appears as the warrior of light over the horizon.


The altar from where are activations flew …like an eagle

This is the volcano mountain considered as the holy centre of Bali. It has also been the divine altar for our daily yoga class for the past 12 days as we have stretched, sweated, sang and symbolically bowed in our own unique prayer.   This is the mountain that literally blew its top 50 years ago when the political leaders of the time did not adhere to the alignment of stars, moons and planets and forced a large religious ceremony 20 years prior than when it was meant to occur.  This is the mountain that is now teaching us that the divine is not  only something to be recognised around us but also something that is allowed to pour purely through us as we care, smile, appreciate, love and take time for one another.

I reflect on how there was no sense of uncomfortableness or hesitation  as 12 men and 2 girls made our ‘ warmth pile ‘ before the sun rose.  For some it might of appeared a peculiar site with the musicians, yogis, acrobats, teachers, builders, surfers and travellers simply made an effortless ‘human pile’ on the top of a mighty Agung in the darkness of the morning to keep each other warm.  For us involved though, it was a purely natural act to offer support for another.

This was an extension of the seeds we had been cultivating in the days beforehand.  A Zenthai Retreat where with 20 others, we bowed at each others feet before offering massages, walked hand in hand in the coconut forest, soaked up the simplicity of a Balinese smile and sat in silence honouring the great divine play in each moment.  It felt at this moment on top of the volcano, that the pure spirt we had been bowing down to in yoga each day was now being embodied by us with our simple act of kindness.

May these times away from our patterns of behaviour be simple and powerful reminders that we do not need institutions  or great teachers to bring us to the divine.  All we need is a open heart, an open mind and awareness to notice. To notice the needs of another and a willingness to act  in a caring and natural way.  There is a universal calling keep our helping hands and hearts out open , our eyes wide awake, allow simplicity to show us a way to allow this great force of spirt not to be only recognised around us but additionally always be available for this magnificent power to  flow right through us .



The beauty of God is vast. To enjoy flowers for their loveliness is good, but far greater is to see behind their purity and beauty  the face of God .

~ Paramahansa Yogananda ~


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