Essentially You

May 2017

I’m witnessing  a deep loving in nature at the  moment —  a gentle discarding of the old, allowing a synching with the essential core. The trees are dropping coloured leaves, as they appear to focus on the life force coursing through the centre of their trunks; the birds have a softer chatter and appear to be effortlessly gliding on the calmer winds;  the faces I see in the street appear to affirm this yearning to be immersed quietly in the inner environment.

Life is calling us home to what is really important. … what is essential. We find opportunity to question what is really at our core, in the centre of our trunk … what do we really value?  Are we spending our time and attention on the parts that are truly at our innermost calling?

It appears that, for many, freedom is commonly high on the value list, so it’s possibly a good time to ponder “is Freedom here”? By simply looking at nature we notice it is really saying “take off the back packs: less is more”.

To invite freedom we are asked to think less, eat less, talk less, argue less, need less and feel freedom more. There’s a call to stop ‘the argument’. As we give freedom back to the world, everyone and everything is free to be as they are. And as it is.


Maybe you can feel a shedding of skin, a lightening of the load, and gliding on the gentle breeze, as you truly stop the argument and give this gift of freedom back to the world.

The wonderful revelation for us, as we give this freedom back to people, is we get less concerned how we appear to them.  Letting go of a constant need to be seen as someone, to simply revealing all we are, creates a new-found inner energy — no need for bright shiny leaves, no hiding under pretty feathers, just pure and raw in our true essence. This is freedom.

As we shed our skins at this time of year, the one thing I really love is the simplicity of it all.  And if it’s still getting complicated, it is a good indication that you are off track.Take a good look at life. Our best teacher, a big exhale never felt so good.