Feet Mandala…

I am walking down the tarmac of the busy Jakarta airport on my way to present at The Namaste Festival of healing, yoga and Music.

I am the only westerner in sight in a sea of suitcases and feet encased in shiny leather shoes moving quickly to the taxi/ bus area. Only 2 hours before in Bali, I was surrounded in the smell of incense, smiling white teeth and sarongs sitting crosslegged with any idea of time apparently non existent. Their Indonesian neighbours could be a different planet …but after a 2 hour traffic jam, the taxi has me at the festival site ..a 5 star hotel, dead centre smack in the middle of a very busy and alive city. I bow down to the small team of six females who have worked tirelessly for the past 6 months to bring this Namaste Festival to the thirsty audiences that dwell in this major port. (Not to mention, 50% of proceed goes to Charities..wow).

Within 12 hours I am sitting in front of 25-30 faces , somewhat curious and definitely unsure. I step slowly, the bodies are tuned ..very flexible and alive. However, the minds stiil circling at the periphery of awareness. Like so many, it is easy to be stuck here unconsciously. Life becomes something to work for, to own your car, to pay the bills, to make good money, to get your kids a good education, make sure no-one goes hungry and to make sure everyone else thinks you are ok.

It unconsciously can be a about acquiring, judgement and control. I step slowly to bring my students closer to the centre..breath with the movement, awareness with the touch and ‘stoked to be where you’ are rather than ‘disappointed about not quite being there’. The sign outside my poduim reads “Be the change you want to see’ ..Yes… I am reminded.. as the mind slowly surrenders it’s noose, the spirit in it’s natural yearning expands.

In the final class we are seated in circle legs straight towards the centre, as we walk on our sit bones to bring fifty pairs of feet to a wonderful mandela of feet…so unique..many colours, shapes and sizes but all so the same. When we come together in festivals such as this, such a deep awakening arises. …division dissolves and a deep coming home to peace arises. Sacred Earth sing the lyrics of Paramahansa Yogananda in the background..” Wink has not touched my eyes, ever since I saw thee” Tears are rolling down the faces of some, smiles radiating on others, all are remembering the realm of conscious spirit and how liberating that can be.

I reflect on the mandala of feet and how important community, connection and celebration of the human spirit is to keep us aligned with truth.

The Namaste Festival like the Byron Spirit festival are inspired my The Bali Spirit festival…all stemming from the realms of pure intention. I am honoured to be involved with these powerful and transforming gatherings of the heart and spirits of many. The Byron Spirit festival ( March 1 to 4 ) has its last offer of early bird tickets this week. If it is close to you, please make the effort and come be part of the foot mandela with me…with LOVE.

Full moon blessings to you Enjoy yourself



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