:: Full Effort Is Full Victory ::

It is well known by surfers if you hesitate whilst paddling into catching a wave you are creating a recipe for trouble.

The worst wipe-outs are the ones where you don’t dig in whilst paddling that last stroke. The wave lip mercilessly picks you up whilst you are half-in half-off the wave and without a care in the world dumps you fiercely on the sandbank/rock/reef underneath the water…




“Wake up” says Life … “Step in fully or don’t step at all.”

I have yet to see hesitation or postponement serve anyone in a real sense. “I will do it … WHEN … IF … BUT”….

“I will let go WHEN … IF … BUT”

This is the familiar tape recording of the mind. So commonly caught in this human psychology that borders on insanity is this voice that is backed up by the common unconscious belief “I am not enough”. This is the disillusion behind a whole barrage of sufferings and self sabotage.

Bad decisions do not exist in this lifetime if the choices are being made from the ground of whole, natural, innate goodness. The ‘mistake moments’ or times of suffering can be re-orientated by the practice of honest inquiry to be ‘breadcrumbs on the path’ towards what we all yearn for … a deeper sense of freedom.

We are at a time of the year where many students step out into the marketplace as therapists, teachers, coaches etc.. The world is crying out for open minds to share the world and its experiences through the variety of multi-coloured lenses.

Your perspective is one of such.

It is my experience that when we step up to step through the veil of doubt that keeps us blanketed in the old mindsets, through time, it is all rewarding, especially on a personal level.

Humility, spaciousness and regular honest inquiry will serve you very well. Passing on when unsure, asking for advice, and brimming with authenticity will all be ‘go-to traits’.

The pessimist never makes a move because they are afraid of getting it wrong. The optimist steps in with reckless abandonment to succeed and allows the mistakes to be learning experiences to grow and evolve. Mistakes are never failures unless they are repeated. I have never been supportive of huge corporate businesses but NIKE really got it right when they shared “Just do it ”

Or maybe we can be inspired by Ghandi with his fearless quote:

“Full Effort Is Full Victory”

༺♥༻ Zenthai Blessings ༺♥༻


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