Gabi Bohnet

~ Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist ~ Byron Shire based (NSW) treatments & workshops

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Gabi is committed to a fully focused enquiry into your body, careful observation, listening and diagnostic touch. Energising the body and restoring balance, harmony and radiance on a physical, emotional or spiritual level is the aim of her deep healing touch.  Whether you are seeking relief for sore or injured joints – ankles, knees, hips, lower back, shoulders or neck or from digestive disorders, headaches, depression or feeling low in energy every treatment is specifically working with your present condition.  Gabi will also include advice on nutrition and exercises.

Where can I find Gabi?

Gabi is practising in the Byron Shire, northern NSW. Treatments are available by appointment at Red Tent Yoga, Byron Bay – Heartspace, Mullumbimby or as mobile service in the comfort of your own space.

Gabi says…

_MG_7198“My passion throughout my life has been the striving for sustainability, within my own body, my family, my community, my environment.  For years I studied and explored to only find what I already inherently knew: Yin and yang are inseparable components of oneness within our bodies and within the universe – one does not exist without the other.

In 2001 I came across the ‘Makko Ho’s’ – meridian stretches and Shiatsu which was a ground breaking experience for me.  These stretches made me feel alive and energised and I have been practicing meridian activation ever since.  I also love contact improvisation dance and when I came across Zenthai Shiatsu therapy the perfect match manifested: the dance has become more than just a dance.

In a treatment it is filled with knowledge and has become a conscious healing dance between two bodies in unity – freeing an abundance of energy – physically, mentally and emotionally, balancing yin and yang, allowing for self-healing to happen.  I love this practice and invite you to the experience.”.

What others are saying:
_MG_7187 “Thanks Gabi for making a real difference to my physical and mental well being.  I have more movement and less pain in my shoulder than I have had for years and I feel like a lot of ‘baggage’ that was resting there has moved on. I will definitely be recommending you to my friends.  Looking forward to when you come back to Mullum for my next massage.”

Innana Siri Shakti Henna

“Gabi has the most healing magical hands I have ever experienced.  Yesterday I couldn’t move properly due to a lower back pain/injury …by the time she finished working on me…I was very mobile and danced to my heart’s content by the evening!!”

Sunita Devi

“Thank you Gabi for a fantastic Zen Thai massage yesterday.  I slept like a baby.  I fully recommend this treatment to anyone in need of a bit of body, mind and soul touch therapy.  I know what i am buying my friends for their birthdays!”

Kim Tait


2 Replies to “Gabi”

  1. OMG!!! Gabi’s treatments are the best. She is very caring and loving in her touch. I feel completely nurtured and safe during her treatments. She has been treating me for years now and can’t get enough. Highly recommend Gabi. Her knowledge of the body goes deep and her passion for healing is authentic.

  2. A marvellous session! I feel stretched, relaxed and nurtured both inside and out. My life force has been awakened and nourished; stagnant chi around my knee has shifted to allow inner healing. I feel happy and motivated to further study Zenthai Shiatsu. Gabi is skilled, sensitive and strong; highly recommended!

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