Hand in Hand … Zenthai newsletter …winter 2012…

During our recent ‘ open day’ at Mt. Ninderry I asked all to join me in a “Zen” walking meditation around the property cultivating presence, massaging the land with our feet, giving and receiving to/ from the earth, slowing down,  observing/ feeling the minute treasures we often miss and finalising the exercise with giving a close by tree a huge hug.

I like to close the sessions with a feedback circle..’ The power of many awakened eyes’ where we all get a chance to share our insights.  One participant shared how when she hugged the tree it it appeared she was ‘glued’ and received so much back.  Another revealed the potency and emotion of ‘feeling’ like she had not for a long time became  profound experience for her.  The final sharing was how much she simply enjoyed the final circle where we simply stood in the bush in a large circle holding each others hands and expressing from our hearts.All, reminders to us of the boundless gifts that come to us when we authentically give from simply a pure and present place.  Last week I walked in the rain (very slowly)  holding my 84 yr old Mother – in -law hand.  Her continual squeezing reminding me the joy she was receiving from my simple touch. In simply holding another’s hand the wonderful act of giving and receiving is in full dial mode allowing both to feel the gifts of boundless energy in ‘free’ flow.Early this morning as I paddled the canoe up the river I watched in awe as a huge eagle , wings abreast magnificently soared above the water using the updraft of wind from the water to allow it to soar in an effortless grace. The gifts I received from simply observation of a spectacle of grace, harmony and connectedness remained with me all day. The eagle, simply allowing nature to sync with its movement, was passing on subtle gifts to me beyond comprehension. Unknowingly this large beautiful bird was giving me so much by simply allowing a Full expression of it’s own divine nature….we too can do the same…

May we all take time to recognise this abundant flow of giving and receiving by touching with presence, observing with detachment, expressing our Beingness ‘fully ‘and fueling ourselves with nature’s simple yet precious messages.



“The moment one gives close attention to anything, even a blade of grass it becomes mysterious, awesome, an indescribably magnificent world in itself” Henry Miller.

Coming up..

Zenthai @ YogaFest workshops & clinic….June 30
Zenthai 4 day immersion ..July 5
Zenthai @ Splendour workshops & clinic….29th July
Zenthai @ Byron yoga centre…2 day introduction…July 30 and 31

Bali Retreat…12 days..In Harmony…Sept 9 to 21

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