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Brrr..it’s here. The Queensland winter has arrived. The clear signs, as the cold southerly whipped the beach sand into my legs as I ran along the beach this morning. In the past this is the season where where some are tested. The cold ocean water, have to wear shoes and getting up at 5am is a real challenge. But this year it is different. A big full embrace of the winter ahead with two hands in the air … let’s turn it around and fall in love with the depth, restoration and inwardness this season brings.

Here’s how


Less is more. Recently I had a profound experience of rich ‘now-ism’ by simply walking along the sand , an isolated beach with only seabirds and driftwood. I am sure you have encountered the same. Swimming with whales, diving out of planes, meditating on the summit of mountains, hiking in the forest … all rich inward experiences … beyond words but cloaked in simplicity. Have you ever sat for days trying to ‘fix’ something and someone comes along and works in out in minutes? Not only immense gratitude but also amazement of how simple it was. The mind will often want to complicate … with knowledge and solutions … but if we can let it go …. it commonly unfolds perfectly .

Simplicity is transformational.


We may of been told before to stop dreaming! While the call against scattered unruly thought is warranted .. the call for this season is to start dreaming. Imagination and creativity are powerful fertilisers for seeds of growth and expansion. The quality of our life is dependant on the questions we ask ourselves. What do you want? Where do you need to go? Saturate this time with the air of silence and feel the magic that clear and pure dreaming can bring. Journals, sketch pads, vision boards … go for it. The stories and narratives we tell ourselves become our realities. Dive in the cupboard of awesome and amazing words to give your dreams colour and life …our potential is unbounded ..


Turtle time, foot off the accelerator. According to Ayurveda, this is the time our vata gets easily disturbed, reminding us if we fly around in the air aimlessly like a bird without a nest … our nervous system and underlying health will be negatively impacted. For the go getters this may be a challenge, especially if we live in a society rattled by more – more – faster – better. But with vigilant awareness, it is possible … the benefits move into all relationships and your general well being will serve you well. Contain the power.


You could make this your yoga pose of the month . The fierce and powerful Virabradrasana bowing down towards the earth. My shoulders not only love it but also reminds us to quieten inside and RECOGNISE the great flow of divinity moving through us each and every Moment. It is also a great reminder of the pinnacle of human attributes that we can cultivate within and share with each other…humility … the beginners mind and the practice of receptivity.

Let’s go winter. I have a new set of boots, am falling in love with the invigoration of cold water and am going to soak up the extra hour of sleep in the morning now and then.

Finally, if you have a spare moment and wish to jump aboard the Humble warrior …remember that honest and pure service is married closely into humility . Our Nepalese friends would greatly benefit from your financial support at this challenging phase.

Now is the time..

Love without condition



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