Tat Twam Asee …. I AM FREE

Tat Twam Asee …

When Tat Twam Asee (translation … I am Free) is discovered to be the base mantra Of Balinese Spirituality it felt like we were simply being reminded on the Core Teaching that sits within each each day. Maybe there a unified reason that brought this group to this sweet, small Traditional village on the East Coast of Bali for 12 days of Zenthai, Yoga,and Culture.. The Power Mantra asks us not to continually be reaching out for Something …that is ‘already sitting deep’ within each and everyone of us ..FREEDOM..

AS RUMI BEAUITFULLY SHARES …’A place between rightdoing and wrongdoing…let’s meet there..where the soul lays in the grass and the world is too full to speak.

Towards final days , the group scribe their focused intentions onto a piece of paper which is wrapped in Balinese batik to be carried to the summit of Mount the Agung days later, where the power of words and thought word merge with the Sacredness, Light and Divine Power found in the eye of the Mighty Agung. The package of words are sealed with a final piece..the  Mantra ..’Tat Twam Asee..

A Team of 11 set off at the completion of the retreat for the trek to the top.  The twelve days beforehand are full of deep realisations, challenging sheddings of the old and beautifully unique,sweet, group connections. Beginning at 3am in the morning we arrive for sunrise, as the sun is blessing the pit of the great volcano. I throw the bandana of intentions into the Heart of Agung ..as we chorus internally together ..’Give Yourself up to Source’..The updraft from the centre take the paper pieces into a flying whirlpool of wind..let them them go!! Some down, some up, some around, not for us to decide !!

Half an hour later we begin the descent..Twenty minutes into the trek I step upon a lone piece of paper …one of the 35 that had been let go into the volcano an hour before. Here, was one that had obviously been thrown into the upward current and now found it’s place at my feet. I pick it up and read the words ..Tat Twam Asee.!!

I turn to friend behind with paper in my hand held high in the air.” Tat Twam Asee” I exclaim…in a mixture of disbelief, honoring and recognising of the Great Unfolding.. WE all take a deep Bow..Giving ourselves up to the Source..

I Thank all for being part of this wonderful unfolding with me. May your expanded being now paint the wonderful reality in your days. The paintbrush is in your hands.


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