Ines Oliver
~ Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist ~ Sunshine Coast, Brisbane with mobile treatments available

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Ines says she began her Zen Thai Shiatsu training not really appreciating the full potential of the therapy.  Very quickly she realised the more she learned about Zenthai, the more she fell in love of the dance of this style of bodywork, especially its potential to help release physical, emotional and energetic blockages.

Ines has a deep passion for the unconscious mind, including how generations of emotional blockages  translate to the physical aspect of our bodies – where and how we carry tension.  Ines loves being able to help others through bodywork, reconnecting soul, body and mind, in combination with a deep listening and deep connection to her intuition.

Where can I find INES?

You can find Ines around the Sunshine Coast. She has a treatment room in her home in Coolum Beach. She is also in Brisbane one day a week offering mobile treatments.

Please contact Ines on her mobile or thru email.

INNES says…

“Though Zen Thai Shiatsu I learned how to connect to myself, to be present all the time. I learned when to stop and listen, to give space and support to each emotion and feeling that’s going through my body. I learned how to offer all of that to each of my clients.  To give and receive with an open heart is the most beautiful experience and that’s what I most love about this therapy.

“When you touch something with deep awareness, you touch everything”.

Zen Thai Shiatsu gave me the tools to offer to my clients a safe space where they are able to let go, clear their minds and connect back with themselves. This path is taking me through a beautiful endless journey as I fully immerse in the practice and continue to study and learn for deeper appreciation.

I have a big passion for consciousness and awareness and I love to dive deep in this with each of my clients. ”.

What others are saying:
“My first treatment with Ines was profound.Both the physical relief and non-physical alignment left me in a state of peak wellbeing.  I came away with a clear and focused head and heart and it put me where I needed to be at that time. Subsequent treatments have helped to keep me on track. With a pleasant and professional demeanor, I would recommend Ines for a comfortable and enjoyable experience.”

Sean Keenan

“Ines has an absolutely amazing touch, she can really feel into the body she’s working on and get to the limits of the person without pushing them too far. I recommend her to anyone looking for some healing touch.”

Liam Linane