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~ Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist & Facilitator ~ Sunshine Coast Based, treatments & workshops

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Jodie is a well-established therapist and facilitator of ZenThai Shiatsu.  After commencing her training in 2007, she has spent many years treating at markets and festivals such as Woodford Folk Festival and Eumundi Markets.

Jodie is well known for her nourishing and nurturing treatments and holding a safe space for the body to rest deeply in, allowing time and space for the body to feel restored, renewed and restored.  With many years of consistent practice, Jodie is able to read the body easily, and to help clients with specific injuries and ailments that are causing them discomfort in the present moment.  She helps tune the body so that it resonates harmoniously and is able to find its rhythm and share its sound amongst the orchestra of other beings.  So whether your needs are for a luxurious session, or a therapeutic treatment, Jodie can assist you.

Where can I find Jodie?

Jodie is based in Eumundi on the Sunshine Coast. She treats from the Eumundi Markets on Wednesdays and every other day from a unique space known to locals as ‘The Yurt’, which is also based in Eumundi.  Jodie is available to treat and teach ZenThai Shiatsu workshops at retreats, festivals, corporate functions and at special events.  You can contact her by phoning, text messaging, emailing or thru her Facebook page.

Jodie says…

photo 3“From the first time I saw ZenThai Shiatsu I knew that that was how I was to be: moving as a therapist, close to the Mother (earth), with full support and body contact, weaving around and thru another’s body; and so a graceful dance is danced.  Each body is a brand new landscape: a wonderland of valleys, mountains, streams, lakes, rivers, and ocean; a place of heat and cold, dry and damp; a worlds within worlds.  This practice is truly an adventure, exploring that of another and at the same time exploring oneself.

Of all my practices, this is the the one that brings me closer to spirit, closer to feeling connected, closer to feeling that I am being of service.  In this way I know that it truly makes a difference in this world. These practices are life changing and liberating.  They help free the body from pain and discomfort, which in turn frees the mind, emotions and, of course, the spirit.  The Shen (or ‘heart-mind’) is rested and at peace.  ZenThai Shiatsu will bring you home!”

What others are saying:
photo 2“I love this Bodywork……this ZenThai Shiatsu…….and Jodie Mudgway My Body loves the touch. My soul loves the touch. Jodie has a refined sensitivity to the body’s needs and her confidence in the work blend impeccably with her innate wisdom, professionalism and intuition to bring this profound style to hurting bodies….to broken hearts in darker times….and empowered hearts to keep them so. Each treatment is a unique gift …..a rhythmic velvet touch working deep…..a simple, steady focused touch, exactly where I didn’t know I longed to be released. I surrender. I trust. I release. I receive. I breathe. I am held….and deep stillness pervades. I am eternally grateful to have crossed paths with Jodie at the ZenThai Shiatsu tent that Winter’s Wednesday morning at Eumundi Markets…..and honored to enter the yurt each time…..and leave with more of me embodied and alive each time. I bow to you.”

Bridget Bygott Eumundi QLD

 “Jodie has been giving me Zen Thai Shiatsu treatments for the past two years. I LOVE spending time with Jodie as she is a very caring and experienced practitioner with whom I feel very safe. Every time I have a session I feel much better and more relaxed by the ex- perience. I love going to Jodie’s yurt which in itself is a unique experience as it is a very nurturing place that enhances Jodie’s treatments. This and the music Jodie plays make me relax and enjoy in a way that other body work experiences don’t provide. I highly re- commend Jodie to anyone who is interested in a remedial as well as relaxing experience. Each time I have visited Jodie I have enjoyed it more as I feel Jodie is constantly develop- ing her own practice and exploration in this area.”

Nancy – university lecturer – Darwin, NT

“Zen Thai Shiatsu treatments with Jodie have been a wonderful relief, from the various back and body issues, caused by the physical demands from years of working as a chef. My health is very important to me, and I have sort advice and treatments of all kinds over the years, this has brought varying degrees of success at times, I feel Jodie’s nurturing and holistic approach to healing, always leaves me feeling restored, whether she is treating a specific issue or just helping me relax its always a pleasure! She’s very clever really.”

Claudia Perey, Owner of Claude’s Food Eumundi Markets


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