Joe Winter

~ Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist ~ Mission Beach, Innisfail and Cairns Treatments, Mobile Treatments by appointment

mob: 0437346474
facebook: joe winter
skype: centrepeace

Joe is continuously inspired by the bodies ability to self heal.

Sharing the potency of Zenthai’s fluid motion and deep nurturing touch, stimulating and facilitating the healing process is his passionate art. With care he explores the bodies landscapes and limits… knowing that it is at our edge that we have the opportunity to transform and shed old patterns.

Where can I find Joe?

You can find Joe in the Mission Beach region of far north Queensland, where he offers therapy from his clinic space (mobile service by appointment). Joe treats from Innisfail in the Health, Healing and Harmony store by appointment and frequently offers in the Cairns area.

Joe says…

“Through my introduction to the art and principles of Zenthai, I discovered a fresh and creative way that I could express myself authentically, while offering a stillness and presence that has become a foundation for action1transformation within myself and others. I naturally communicate most fluently through movement, touch and action, so the dynamic flowing gestures and body range exploration that Zenthai encompasses, I welcomed with open arms.

This allowed me another way to offer myself from a place of ease and joy. By integrating the threads and principles of the Zenthai teachings my authentic self has been able to surface more often, initiating a life-long practice that is serving to align me with my core values and expose a more defined meaning in my daily life. I feel a firm and tangible relationship exists between the practice of honest self inquiry, and the opportunity for depth of healing with another. Cultivating this essential thread has allowed me to navigate my life with more direction and ease than ever before…

I am in true gratitude for the wisdom that I have integrated from walking the Zenthai path, and I am committed to share that which has brought such clarity to my life.”

What Others are Saying
I’ve had trouble with my neck, back and pelvis for years since having my 4 sons. Often I have woken in such pain I would have to roll out of bed in tears and sit down to get dressed as I couldn’t bend over and I would get headaches on average 3 or 4 days a week. Over the years I’ve used chiropractors, Bowen therapy and tried various other therapies to get relief from the pain. I decided to try out Zenthai with Joe and I couldn’t believe the results. After just the first treatment I had no more headaches and no longer woke up stiff and in agony. I’ve had a couple more treatments since then and I am totally awed by how good I feel. I can’t recommend Joe and his ZenThai Shiatsu movement based therapy highly enough.

Nichole Burke

I have been having regular treatments with Joe since he started on this path, and i cannot recommend this highly enough. One of the best forms of treatment i have ever experienced. Zenthai Shiatsu is equally relaxing and energising, I can feel it strengthening mind, body and spirit. Joe is a very powerful healer, just being around him is comforting.

Kellie Dyer

So far I have had 3 great ZTS sessions.
As a masseuse myself I have given & received many massages over the years. Zenthai Shiatsu is very different, being fully clothed & on a mat. It is relaxing yet energizing. Very flowing & stretching & kind of felt like Yoga while floating in the sea. The rocking & stretches & Shiatsu are deeply soothing. I found ZTS beneficial to promote very deep sleep & improved digestion. My partner has done heavy work over the years & said his session was excellent. My twelve year old daughter thought it was really fun & so relaxing.
I totally recommend ZTS

Anne Devine.
Certified 1990 Remedial & Relaxation Masseuse. Membership AAMT


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