~ Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist, Facilitator ~ Buderim and Maroochydore based treatments, Retreats and events

mob: 0424 231 523
e::  hello@julesom.com
facebook:  Jules OM @JulesOMrhythmofyourvibration
Website: www.julesom.com.au

Jules is consciously committed to supporting the community through the art and practise of Zenthai Shiatsu. Her intuitive approach to healing safely guides her clients to a place of openness and ease – freeing them of trapped and stagnant energy (chi) and the physical and structural restrictions associated with it.

Where can I find Jules?

You can find Jules by appointment on the Sunshine Coast in Buderim and Maroochydore. Please connect with her on mobile or online to schedule your appointment. Also check her Facebook page and website for further information on retreats and events.

Jules says…

“Practising Zenthai Shiatsu has brought back memories of my childhood: the bush, the bare feet, the freedom – it breathes the Five Chinese Elements of Nature; Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire.

After working within the corporate world, I found myself being drawn back to a space which promoted body awareness, body/soul connection, and a gentle way of flowing with the form instead of against it.

Zenthai Shiatsu is that space for me. Over a period of ten years I slowly and deeply fell in love with the rhythm of this soulful dance; and the depth and density of this grounded and connected art form.

This practice is for everyone – a natural, non-invasive way to re-fuel your energy levels, calm your nervous system and assist with optimal structural health.

Reconnect with your breath and change the rhythm of your vibration.”

What others are saying:

Having been ill with a respiratory infection for more than six weeks, I was exhausted and drained; physically and mentally. Julie, like an angel sent, told me about her treatments and offered to help.In just one session, the muscles in my ribs and back finally got a chance to relax and begin to heal. The session was far more than just a massage, it was an energy release that I felt instantly.Julie’s healing hands began the turnaround in my health.I highly recommend her talents and skills to anyone who needs to stop and love themselves no matter the condition. We all need more love and she has a very special way of sharing that love.


Jules of Jules oM is an amazing practitioner. Her approach to Zenthai Shiatsu Bodywork is warm, kind and intuitive. She has an innate sense of what your body and soul needs, and moves with strength, flow and connected energy. I am looking forward to adding her services to my self-care ritual.


An amazing, talented woman with an inner knowing of how to relax, nurture and energise my body and soul. Utterly sublime.



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