Karen Dickson

~ Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist ~ Sushine Coast, Cooran, Noosa Hinterland, Festivals, Retreats, Markets and Cooran Community Zenthai Clinic

m: 0477 547 925
e::  karen.clearenergytherapies@gmail.com
facebook: ClearEnergyTherapies

Karen is passionate about holistic healing modalites that involve self-empowerment of the person seeking treatment. Her treatments focus on the whole person, addressing physical, emotional and energetic issues and allowing the body to deeply relax in order to heal itself.

Where can I find Karen?

You can find Karen in Cooran on the Noosa Hinterland. Karen treats from The Human Movement Centre in Cooran and offers 60 and 90 min treatments. She also treats at local markets, retreats and festivals. Please contact Karen on her mobile for appointments.

Karen says…

“The first time I experienced Zenthai Shiatsu I wanted to know more and went on to study for 9 months at Mt Ninderry with my teacher and friend Gwyn Williams. Zenthai Shiatsu is a beautiful modality that clears physical, emotional and energetic blockages allowing the whole person to return to a state of balance and wellbeing. I enjoy the relaxed state that both client and therapist enter during a treatment and the quiet witnessing the body, soul and mind are given during this time.

In today’s fast paced society, many people are in a state of fight or flight, during a Zenthai Shiatsu treatment the para-sympathtic nervous system (rest and digest) can engage, resulting in a relaxed state of being; an ideal environment for healing.

I believe we are all capable of becoming empowered around our own health and caring for ourselves in a way that allows optimum health.  Receiving a Zenthai treatment allows you to notice how your body moves when it is at ease which can develop an awareness around free and full movement.

Zenthai Shiatsu aims to relieve symptoms but more importantly it addresses the reasons for the disharmony which can break the cycle of recurring pain and energetic blockages.

I am deeply grateful to have found Zenthai Shiatsu Therapy and my entire being has benefited immensely from the practice of it.”

What others are saying:
I have been receiving monthly treatments from Karen for a year now. Initially, she helped me with a long term foot injury, gently soothing my foot and leaving it flexible and pain free. After a while, I realised that the Zen Thai Shiatsu Massage was helping me feel more balanced and energised as well, so now I go to her for a “Tune Up” each month – it helps me think clearly, keep healthy, move freely and most of all, I have a very happy foot!

Linda, Psychologist

“Karen has the ability to wrap you up in her nurturing energy and soften not only your body but also your soul. I enjoyed Karen’s energy so much that I now have the pleasure of calling her my friend.”

Jenny, Lomi Lomi Therapist and owner of Urban Hippie House of Health

Karen’s Zenthai shiatsu bodywork does wonders for my body and mind, easing tension and centering me. My whole body feels release on completion of Karen’s therapies; equally feeling relaxed, energised and rejeuvanted. Karen is always professional, clear in all communications and works with kindness and respect. I’m eternally grateful to Karen for all she has done to assist me in managing long-term injuries and highly recommend her services.

Susannah Holmes


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