Kate Barzdo

~ Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist & Facilitator ~ Brisbane based ~ treatments and workshops

m :: 0418 617 451
e :: zenthaipinky@gmail.com
facebook :: www.facebook.com/myzenspace
w :: www.zen-space.com.au

Kate is an experienced therapist and facilitator with 18 years experience as a teacher of Yoga Chi Gung.  Having studied many healing arts she has adopted Zenthai as her primary therapy tool due to it’s comprehensive and wholistic approach.  She is excited to share Zenthai with anyone who is keen to experience or learn this healing practice.

Where can I find Kate?

You can find Kate at her Zen Space home clinic bordering Brisbane Forest Park at Camp Mountain, just 30 mins from Brisbane city, 40 minutes from the inner south.  Treatments are available at the clinic or in your own home or workplace, Monday to Saturday by appointment.  Check out Zen Space on Facebook for more info.

Kate says…

“My interest in bodywork and healing began very early, sharing yoga with my mother as a young girl and completing training as a Yoga Chi Gung teacher at age 21.  I am inspired by any energy based body work and exercise systems such as Yoga, Aikido, Chi Gung & Thai Chi and have 8 years of classical dance training.  All these culminate to result in a deep understanding of the physical and energetic body systems.

Like many my first exposure with Zenthai started at Woodford Folk Festival with a friend recommending I jump on the mat and get one of these treatments.  I had my head cocked to the side ‘doglike’ with curiosity.  “Looks weird” I said.  Little did I know that I was about to discover one of the greatest passions of my life!

After a few treatments I decided it was too wonderful to keep to myself and I wanted to learn how to give this treatment so I could share it with others.  I completed my first 4 day workshop with Gwyn, studied northern style Traditional Thai Massage and then I returned to Mt Ninderry to commit to the full training as a Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist.

My adventure with Zenthai Shiatsu continues…. sharing this beautiful art with the wider community through offering treatments and facilitating workshops and courses so that others can also experience sharing this art with family and friends.  I am energised and inspired by community, music and healing touch.   I look forward to meeting and sharing these passions with you. “

What others are saying:
“Initially it was lower back stiffness that led me to Kate for a Zenthai Shiatsu treatment.  I was amazed to feel the stiffness release and be pain free after one session.  Over the years Kate has successfully treated various ailments including migraines, I always feel safe, nurtured and totally relaxed. The side affects of such deep relaxation and a sensation of pure bliss are amazing, and keep me coming back for more.”

Sue, Client

Kate gives a great massage, where she connects comfortably and naturally with her client and has a great sense of the right amount of depth.  Kate is intuitive about what is happening with your body and how its responding to the massage.  She is able to quickly build trust and brings a blend of techniques that she applies to what’s needed in the moment.

James, Client.


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