.. Leaves Beginning To Fall ..

As we now are noticing the nights becoming cooler and heat and expansiveness of summer subsiding we witness the new season is upon us. As we have known for lifetimes, the more we are Aligned with the changing rhythm of the Seasons the more balanced we are in every way. The 10 days following a season end is The Earth element ..a great time to nourish yourself , witness the stillness within and connect with the richness of the earth. ..” Simply go for a fresh walk In Nature each day with barefeet, allowing to be being nourished by observing all the gems that often go unnoticed …

By now ..with April upon us ..we are well into Autumn or what some call ‘ The Fall’. There is a contractive energy as things become internal, the trees shed their leaves to make way for the new, we embrace the transitory aspect of life by simply allowing our breath to exhale the old and Inhale a new beingness.

5 Great tips for the Metal Element

GET IN TOUCH..this is a great time to get in touch with your emotional body. Share how you are feeling with yourself and friends without trying to work out why…? TIP.. Be aware of areas of sensitivity…look at it through an ‘eagles eye lens.’ ..with detachment and without defensiveness.

IMMUNE SYSTEM WORKOUT..the Wei chi is similar to a defensive shield than circulates around the periphery of the body, that works as a defence against outside pathogens. We can invigorate this by simply batting ( with hands ) all along the meridians of the body…insides of arms (3x) ..same for outside of arms, inside of torso, inside of legs, outside of legs , around the butt and where you can reach on the back. TIP..get the djembe rhythm out and get into a 5 minute jam of body percussion. ..daily is best. If you have a mate ..you can do each other with the back section.

PULL OUT THE KNIFE.. This is the time of the year to embrace change and start shedding skins that don’t serve you anymore. Whilst letting go of old opinions , beliefs and thoughts can be the challenging it also can be the most liberating. We all have aspects where we wish to hold onto and grasp…which often means sacrificing our own innate awareness. TIP..Pull out the two edged sword each day with courage on one side of the blade and Let go on the other and take the swipe on that which does not serve you anymore.

INTRODUCE RITUAL ..if you don’t have sacred ritual in your daily routine this is a great time to start . All you need is an altar , a flower and some incense ..if this isn’t available simply sitting in front of something that is sacred to you ..and honouring all that is. We we begin engaging in the world that we cannot see , we become closer to realising the truth of who we are and why we are here. Introducing ritual into your life ..is probably the most effective way of bringing present moment awareness into daily action. TIP..Take time to say thanks each day to ALL THAT IS OFFERED…or send a prayer to another to ease their suffering . Ritual does not have to be only sitting at the altar or laying an offering at the Shrine . An ritual can be your mindful yoga session , your focused intention during a bodywork session or simply doing the dishes .


This is a sensitive subject that cries out for clarity. When you are clear with boundaries your relationships with others will be enhanced automatically. The Buddha got this one right .. Not too loose, or too tight ..the middle way .

TIP ..Become ok with saying no. If you are someone who has a protective shield …firstly become aware…then become familiar with letting the protective guard down .The health of cell is dictated by its permeability..

” Keep your actions in alignment with the Way and worthy of who you truly are..”

The Tao


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