Leon Cossar

~ Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist ~ Sunshine Coast and Brisbane based treatments, festivals, retreats and events

ph: 0413 627 530
e: leoncossar@hotmail.com

Leon is a gifted Movement and Psychosomatic Therapist. Utilising the principles and methods of the Zenthai Shiatsu and Therapeutic Flying modalities he facilitates the release of unnecessary tension guiding the body-mind relationship into a state of grace and ease. Leon imparts his clients with tailored movement therapy techniques drawing from yoga, chi-qong, martial arts, stretch therapy, Wim Hoff and natural movement methods and evolutionary patterns to assist in the recovery of injuries, chronic pain and mental/emotional imbalances.

Where can I find Leon?

Sunshine Coast and Brisbane based treatments, mobile treatments by appointment.

Leon says…

“The essence of Zen Thai Shiatsu is the gift of connection.  Underneath the therapeutic techniques and diagnosis tools is the invitation to simply remember who you are and return to a state of grace and ease.


Throughout my sessions i invite you to give yourself permission to feel your body and let go of anything that is no longer of use.  As we shift into the felt sense of our experience we create an opportunity to consciously move from a state of survivalism (clinging and holding) to a state of creative expression and heart based action.  It is my firm belief that as we begin to show up in our life by taking action on that which scares us, the stress, tension and pain in our bodies dissolves proportionately.

If this is something you would like to explore then I welcome you to session with me.”

What Others are Saying
“I have been receiving Zenthai Shiatsu sessions from Leon for many years and am always struck by his unwavering presence to the needs of my body. His ability to gauge the subtle limits of pressure and stretch make a session with Leon both deeply rejuvenating and structurally therapeutic. Leon playfully, with precision and mastery, explores the parameters of both body and technique to offer a therapy that is totally revitalising. His extensive knowledge of the structural and energetic body is enthralling and his passion is contagious. I wholeheartedly back Leon as an incredible therapist and deeply trust his ability to reignite vitality and integrity within the body.”

Tajia Wilde

Leon is a body linguist and somatic poet. Leon intuitively weaves his deeply grounded bodywork skills, natural ability to understand body mind connection and truth seeking presence into every facet of his nourishing, healing and heart infused sessions. I could not speak highly enough of Leon as a practitioner and recommend his sessions to anyone wanting to unwind back into their hearts through connection, self awareness and empowerment.

Tess Mallet


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