… Listen + Flow …

With the winter theme all around at present it seems the words of ‘flow’ and ‘listening’ are around consistently to keep us all engaged in giving ‘real quality’ and also to keep us aligned with the best choices to take.

Quite often it is like our daily life is the rock and roll band and we are being asked to listen to that pin drop.

But can we can get a sneak message from those subtle currents beneath the surface? Suddenly, we are instantaneously empowered.

When we marry the messages with action we find  ourselves being steered along a smooth flowing river which at the source is about our greatest good. Daily unfoldings become an effortless effort, we practice acceptance and the bumps are like outcrops  to keep us on course.

So here are the reminders

1. STOP AND LISTEN … If we are continually plugged into devices and doing ..we cannot hear those subtle messages and life will inevitably knock you down to wake you  up. We need to stop the rock n.roll band between our ears to really listen beneath the surface.

2. WHERE TO GO? … The stop moments may be challenging, but if life is about our greater good, what is it that is being asked? Sometimes we need to dive beneath the surface to get to the truth of the matter.

3. ACTION … When we have clarity we need to use the oar to restore the energy and realign the path and actively make the changes. If we only look but don’t do, we will not be empowering ourselves with truth and potential .

Honesty is such a great asset which  innate in all of us. Sometimes initially difficult, but this is simply what is being called to do. When we are honest … the direction becomes crystal clear .


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