… Lokah Samasta …

Lokah Samasta … may all beings be happy, may all beings be free is radiating in my heart …

…. may we all take a long Breath and a deep Bow in memory of the beautiful soul , Jo ( Edo and Jo ) on the new journey for this beautiful soul who brought countless awakenings, joy and love to so many … It truly is a great honour to know you this lifetime.

See and hear beautiful Jo here:-

Vaani – High On Your Waves“This is one of the first songs Jo ever wrote after we met 7 years ago and a personal fave! She had never sung or written songs before this gem popped out. But hey she is VAANI after all – which means the Goddess of Creativity. So many people love you and you have touched so many hearts with your voice and beautiful heart. Though I think I am still your number one fan in this world! I love you Juju and am yours forever. Your Dodi

Posted by Edo and Jo on Monday, 21 September 2015″


“Our ultimate destiny is to reconnect with our essential being and express from our extraordinary, divine reality in the ordinary, physical world, moment by moment”
… Russel Di Carlo …


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