Luke Wright

~ Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist & Facilitator ~ Melbourne, Australia – treatments and workshops

m:: 0416 118 206
fb:: Zenthai Sanctuary

Luke brings twelve years of Zenthai Shiatsu study and practice to the mat to work with each client and their specific needs.  His focus is relieving symptoms, bringing to light and healing causes, and enabling self-directed healing.

Where can I find Luke?

Luke currently lives and works in Melbourne, offering treatments from his private clinic, 63 Aberdeen Rd Prahran 3181. Treatments are available by appointment. Keep an eye on the events page for upcoming workshops with Luke.

Luke says…

lukeworking“For me, Zenthai Shiatsu and Yoga are the paths I’ve chosen by which I may be of service. It is an endless world of learning and movement that began for me around 2000 with a treatment from Gwyn. Like a spark I realised, ‘I am to learn this!’ I’ve studied and worked with Gwyn since 2003 and traveled to learn from my teacher’s teachers.  I am humbled by all that I do not know and honoured by all that every client I work with teaches me. I’ve found I’m inclined to feel patterns and read more subtle energetic ‘stories’ during treatments. In my experience it’s the transformations that occur through such work that inspires freedom. Bringing freedom where once there was stagnation, be it physical or energetic is my foundation intention. If I can be a catalyst for allowing this to happen, it seems the client’s ‘system’ finds it’s natural rhythm and balance. Unfiltered participation in this flow is a treasure of existence.”

“As we change, everything changes.”

What others are saying:
luke2“I have been seeing Luke Wright as a Zenthai Shiatsu Practitioner for the last eight months. Due to past illness, I have seen many practitioners in the last ten years; few have shown the natural and gifted ability for healing that Luke has demonstrated within his treatments.”


“Luke is an extremely talented and intuitive body worker. Zenthai Shiatsu is both a unique and highly effective therapy that has added so much to my life, both personally and professionally. Get ready to be inspired and feel amazing!”


“Rarely do you come across a practitioner who is truly a master of their art. Luke is such a person. What he does is bodywork but so much more. It is bar none the deepest and most thorough, healing and satisfying bodywork I’ve come across, and I’ve had lots! Don’t think about going to see him. Just do it! I guarantee you will be very glad you did.”



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