Manuela Wangler

 ~ ZenThai  Shiatsu Therapist ~  Sunshine Coast based treatments.

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Manuela is passionate about creating a free flow of energy in our body and life. She creates a deep connection with her clients where they feel safe to relax and trust so the body’s natural healing process can take place.

Where can I find Manuela?

You can find Manuela in Eumundi at the beautiful Sunshine Coast or she is also available for mobile treatments. She can come to your home, office or retreat to give back-to-back treatments for multiple clients. This is a popular choice and a lovely way to come together with friends and family.

Manuela says…

“Many years ago I visited a workshop where touch played a major part in it. This was a life changing experience for me that brought me on my path to explore Bodywork in different ways.

Coming to Australia I connected first with the Ka Huna Bodywork at High Spirit and did my training until Level 6. Along this journey I was watching and admiring Gwyn in Eumundi at the market. A feeling and wish did start growing inside myself to learn one day this beautiful, effortless way of dance and treatment.

20161020_1444102014 and finally my own journey with the Zenthai Shiatsu started. In this time life threw a few challenges at me and I realised how much the principles of the Zenthai has been supporting me. Now I’m feeling grateful to be able to offer this beautiful dance and treatment, to be able to connect with other people beyond the superficialities and to spread loving kindness through touch and awareness so we all can be free and shine our light.”

What others are saying:
After my treatment with Manuela I felt very light and free. It wasn’t a massage like any other, it felt more like a fluid dance to me. Just divine!

Manuela made it very easy for me to completely relax and created a safe space to let myself be carried through the movements. At any time I felt she is in her element and confident what she is doing which made me even more trusting and letting go. She was just there, present with me, and intuitively felt what was right for me and how far she can go.

Thank you, I’d do a treatment with you anytime again!

Katja Hoffman, Sunshine Beach

I recently received my first ever Zenthai Shiatsu treatment from Manu. I was not sure what to expect as I had not experienced this kind of bodywork before. During the treatment I felt myself relax and unwind as Manu skillfully and gently maneuvered my by body to release stress and address some of the injuries I needed help with. Afterwards I felt more open and there was a noticeable reduction in pain. Over the day I felt more vital and the aches reduced even more. I will be returning to Manu for further treatments and I can wholeheartedly recommend her for this delightful form of bodywork and healing.

Paul Vuister, Cooroy


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