Melissa Juchau
~ Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist ~ Murwillumbah/ Byron Bay, Lower Gold Coast region based treatments

mob: 0409 247 046
facebook: Melissa Onebeing

Melissa has a passion for movement-based therapy. She is a trained Oki Do Yoga instructo,r which combines self massage techniques, the wisdom of Traditional Chinese medicine and Zen Buddhism. She encourages people to listen to their own internal guidance system, fine tuning to their own innate knowledge and alignment. The body knows what it is doing as it hasn’t read the book.

Melissa offers intuitive touch with awareness and respect of each individual’s needs. She provides a safe space, appreciating the unique quality of each body. Soften areas of tension, unravel and allow the relief in all areas of body, mind and spirit, reminding you of what you naturally are, feeling at home in oneself.


zenthai-shiatsu-byron-bay-therpaist-melissaMelissa currently lives in Uki NSW and has a clinic practice at Heart and Soul of Wellness based in Murwillumbah, where she also teaches Japanese Yoga Classes. She also offers mobile treatments in the Byron Shire and Lower Gold Coast areas.

You can contact Melissa directly on her mobile or email address. Her appointments are from 60 – 120mins.


I first met Gwynn and Zenthai Shiatsu at a workshop in Sydney, and immediately fell in love with this dance and connection. The practice of conscious present touch, finding the perfect fit, the strength in softness, Zenthai allows deep listening to the body’s innate healing abilities. It opens the space to be fully receptive, and I became awakened to the flow of giving and receiving, the joy of being that river of vitality. As a therapist it is an honor to share this experience.

I am in awe of the magnificence of the physical body and its ability to come back into balance and heal itself, when we allow it. The focused intention of Zenthai Shiatsu – the play, curiosity, the surrender to letting in the natural flow of wellbeing – opens the door to trusting the infinite intelligence.


zenthai-shiatsu-byronbay-massage-bodywork-therapist-melissa“I have been seeing different massage practitioners for over 40 years, Melissa’s floor work is totally new to me, I was amazed at how much flexibility without pain she was able to get out of my rigid body. Melissa has great strength, but her best asset is her compassion and nurturing, something sadly lacking with a lot of human interactions.”


“When I first met Melissa my intention was to try add some more movement in my hips and shoulders. When we started working she as talking about a dance. At first I thought it was the dance she was doing with my body because some of the movement that she put my legs and arms through felt like a dance. Until I understood that a space had been made for my body to remember its own dance. As a result not only do I have freer hips and shoulders I have more ease and grace in my whole body. Thankyou Melissa.”


“I received several treatments from Melissa. The only way I can describe it is like counseling for the body! Melissa knows where the discomfort lies, listens to it with her body and intuition and works with her body to bring you into alignment and awareness. Every treatment is different and Melissa’s knowledge and technique is vast”