Merryn Penington

~ Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist ~ Zenthai Flow Teacher ~ Program Facilitator

~ Sunshine Coast ~ available for Therapy, Trainings, Retreats and Festivals

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Merryn devotes her life’s practice towards serving within the health and healing paradigm. Merryn’s highest intention is to support others to access their full potential and maintain true alignment.Treatments are focused towards deep integrative bodywork and supported with valuable insights for living a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Healing and body balance is cultivated through innate wisdom of how structural anatomy and energetic philosophy become one in this creative dance.

Merryn’s wholistic approach encourages the body to remember the state of equilibrium and equanimity, creating space and harmony on all levels, body, mind and being. The candlelit focus is sacred when Merryn is granted the honour of working with others in profound ways that manifest change and liberation.

Where can I find Merryn?

Merryn is available for Zenthai Shiatsu treatments and Infusion Movement therapy classes from her Revive clinic located at Kirra Beach, Gold Coast. Other services available include therapeutic and post graduate workshops, teaching and therapy at retreats and festivals. Please contact Merryn to discuss flexible options and treatment plans.

Merryn says…

“Zen Thai Shiatsu and its founder Gwyn Williams have embodied the divine integration of structural and energetic bodywork. The blessings continue to unfold along the path of Zen Thai as it supports this beautiful and true philosophy of healing on deep levels. I have a strong foundation in practicing (2000) and teaching (2007) musculoskeletal and remedial bodywork. My formal study of TCM (2002) evolved into teaching oriental bodywork (2007). The interwoven web and networks within the human form have these innate presentations and relationships which are expressed and balanced with the application of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Therapy sessions are always a wondrous inquiry into how form and energetic rhythms have such unique patterns.

Zen Thai is boundless in nature as the harmonic symbiosis of the western healing model and the TCM approach of 5 Elements. I love the flow of how muscle relates to meridian, fascia, blood, chi, energy, elements, emotion and all that we are. My deep gratitude for healing has been nurtured through growing up in a family of therapists and teachers.

Zen Thai resides in my heart and spirit. The blessings Zen Thai have offered are expressed in my way of life and experienced through this effective therapy and loving touch. This is my Dharma, the devotion of service through healing.”

What others are saying:
“In the last four years Merryn has helped me with a number of muscular, skeletal, hormonal and digestive issues by administering a number of different therapy techniques.  Merryn isn’t just a Zen Thai Shiatsu and Remedial Therapist – she is an amazing spiritual healer who provides a wholistic solution to a broad range of conditions, in fact I don’t think that there is anything she can’t do. She truly cares about people and is highly intuitive which is demonstrated by the fact that she will often look at me when I walk in and tell me what I need without me having to say anything.  Her approach incorporates us sharing my intentions for the treatment, a thorough health and body assessment, profoundly effective bodywork, valuable insight and recommendations. This is all provided with nurturing touch, lots of therapy tools and in a calm, safe and peaceful place.  Thank you Merryn, you are a wealth of information and you are always there for me on all levels.”

Jeanette Annett – Professional Athlete

“Merryn continues to help me on a holistic level, a soulful healer with a wealth of knowledge. The effective hands on therapy remedies my pain, whilst Merryn’s insightful guidance balances my mind and lifestyle. Merryn has truly touched and changed my life. I am eternally grateful.”

Tim Sully – Electrician


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