Monique de Goey

~ Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist & Facilitator ~ Brisbane and Sunshine Coast based ~ treatments and workshops

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Monique is an experienced therapist, offering potent bodywork which values the impact loving touch has on one’s sense of wellbeing. Her treatments cater for a broad range of conditions, including resolving pain, injury or discomfort; headaches; digestive disorders; low energy; depression or simply that feeling of being out of sorts. Monique offers mindful, therapeutic touch, providing essential space to unwind and support the body’s own self-healing abilities.

Where can I find Monique?

Monique is available by appointment at Mt Ninderry Healing Centre Tuesday to Saturday and Red Door Therapies, 136 Boundary St, West End (above Vinnies) on Sunday.

Monique says…

DSCN1233“I love the practice of Zenthai as it combines a flow of movement and stillness, dissipating and tonifying. For me, the potency of this work comes via the access to deep relaxation, via the connection between the receiver and the giver and via a presence and openness to what is and to what is possible. This is intuitive work that is supported by sound and tangible knowledge.”


What others are saying:
“It is important for me to feel safe and secure before I allow anyone to touch my body, and with Monique I feel that I am in safe hands. Zen Thai Shiatsu opens up all the stagnant areas in my body, for example my hips and spine.”

Lena, Client

“I am a physical theatre, circus and street theatre performer and I have had Monique work on and with my body over the past 5 years. In that time Monique has been priceless – as she herself understands the demands of our industry not just on a physical but also an emotional and psychological level.

Monique’s ongoing commitment and passion for information, study and treatment has meant she is constantly growing and equipping herself and her clients with more knowledge, care and information.

I appreciate being able to be treated by Monique who relieves my pain, recommends stretches, diet and ongoing care to prevent and nurture.  We call the Zen Thai Shiatsu massage a massage for movers – our bodies relax and respond so well to it.”

Amanda-Lyn Pearson, Client

“I was experiencing a phase of extreme fatigue and weakness due to a long-term fatigue problem when I first saw Monique. Her treatment, and subsequent treatments, gave me an enhanced feeling of strength and well-being. I was also having great difficulty walking due to a bad knee at the time of my first treatment. Afterwards, I was very
surprised to be able to walk confidently again.”

Denise, Client


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  1. I was lucky enough to get in to see Monique at Woodford Folk Festival. What a beautiful soul. Monique treats you with loving kindness and intent from the moment you meet her. I will be taking my whole family to her for your treatments from now on. Thank you Monique for your grace and beauty

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