Orientation To Your Inspiration

Woodford festival has passed again …once more a incredible inspiration…of talent..music, circus.creativity..!! the list goes on. However, what ultimately inspires me is this calm, cooperative and caring community that evolves over the first day ..and simply grows like a pulsating glowball over the entire festival encapturing all within it.

We may wonder what it is that creates this unique glow at this festival and i am sure it is a multitude of factors that leaves us with a fresh taste around the boundless potential of the human spirit.

What I feel is a major factor is always this feeling of “New ,fresh .and leaving all the old behind” , that everyone embodies at this time of the year…New Year, New vision, New awareness, New intention, New attention…What occurs is we have space to become orientated towards what inspires us. This orientation could also be worded as ‘Connecting to source energy’, ‘Plugging in’, ‘Jumping into the stream of divine consciousness’. ” Coming to our Centre”

The good news is that even though we may show a new hair style,or change the furniture in our room to symbolise this new orientation, it is rarely about new externals but moreso around an inner reference point. New car, new job, new home or new pool…will never inspire us like a new way to relate to others.

If we are being inspired by new ways of inner reference and shifting our focus we become aware of the important aspect of Choice.

It is really a moment to moment choice we have towards the relationship with what is unfolding around us. The choices we are making now are creating our realities and what gets manifested in our lives..

IMG_2988This brings up three important factors….

    1. Choices are often unconsciously sabotaged by old patterns and ways of thinking. We need to throw these old heavy weights off our backs as they often come in forms of controlling and comparative minds, judgements and feelings of inadequacy. Open up to them then let ’em go!
    2. When on top of the mountain in pure clean air…choices are usually made with clarity and ease. When we are face planting into the floor or through the 3rd ‘boring’ hour of a 10 hour shift at the coffee machine…the choices are more difficult but also far more crucial. It is at these times when the externals are double plus with ‘Challenge’ that the inner referencing needs to truly be heightened. This will need honesty, persistence and trust.
    3. Choices need to be aligned with spaciousness and Your truth. Decisions are often made hurriedly in the mind, Choices are made in the heart.

My inspiration towards calm, cooperative and caring community is really going to make sure I simply give more caring hugs this year.Yes !

May we all revisit in 2013 what truly inspires us ..be awake enough to catch ourselves when we bend away…and ensure our orientation and subsequent actions are all moving in the pulse of this magnificent river.

Inspired by the purity of mountains, the rhythm of music and the wonderment of nature


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