Patrick Sterlin

~ Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist ~ Byron Bay Shire based treatments

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Patrick is passionate about freedom and happiness. He believes his purpose is to be his greatest gift to the world everyday and to assist his fellow brothers and sisters in being so. Empirically convinced that body, mind and spirit are closely intertwined, his offering of Zenthai Shiatsu focuses on bringing freedom throughout the body, gently asking it to release any stored tensions or emotions and allowing it to retrieve full mobility and energy flow. His presence invites you to deepen your body awareness, creating a safe and loving space where deep healing can happen.

Where can I find Patrick?

Patrick offers mobile treatments in the Byron Shire or can receive you in his home clinic in Palmwoods (10 minutes from Mullumbimby). You can also find him at the local markets in Mullumbimby, Byron Bay, Bangalow, and the Channon.

Patrick says…

“Zenthai has been a true revelation for me. The presence and teachings of Gwyn Williams are a true inspiration on every level of my life. I am constantly amazed by the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and how it has been helping me rectify long lasting imbalances in myself and so many others through bodywork, diet and lifestyle advice. Zenthai Shiatsu truly is a holistic healing system that allows to effectively address a wide range of physical and emotional imbalances. I am honoured to share it. May you be happy and free…”

What others are saying:
“Patrick has removed a major blockage in my spine area. His diagnose was precise and to the point. Feeling free and released after a 45 min session today… In addition he addressed and released a problem I hadn’t mentioned but I do have since many years in my left neck. Thank you, Patrick”

Christian Nicolai

“Patrick has the kind of presence that puts you at ease. His kindness and generosity is reflected in his touch. His patience has opened space for trust and I have slowly regained flexibility in my hips and back. Zenthai Shiatsu beautifully blends osteopathy, thai massage and Chinese medicine principles. Thank you Patrick.”

Estelle Schmitt

“Patrick is an exceptional masseur knowledgeable in areas of anatomy, Chinese diagnosis, treating conditions with healing hands and presence. Treat yourself before he gets booked out way in advance!”

Carmel Devine


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