Mt Ninderry, Queensland

Mt. Ninderry Healing Centre is located at the base of Mt. Ninderry near Yandina on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland,  Australia. The mountain itself is very Yang in nature, being the initiation site for young aboriginal males in the earlier years and holds a powerful and grounded energy.  The centre began it’s operation in year 2000 as a humble log cabin beside the creek and has now expanded to two teaching areas and a communal kitchen all surrounded by a towering eucalyptus forest. It is also the home of many families of kookaburras and a gang of kangaroos and is beautifully balanced by the rocky creek that runs through the middle of the sanctuary.

The direction is based around discovering a deeper realisation of Self , where we honour the deep and transforming teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda and additionally the wonderful lessons provided by nature on interconnectedness, sacredness and simplicity.

Clinic and Ongoing Classes

The centre offers one hour sessions with Gwyn for $80 on Tuesday and Wednesday (outside class times) with a prior booking essential.  To book your treatment contact Gwyn – 0416 746 996.

Zenthai flow classes, a meeting of asana and Chinese Medicine, are held weekly ($10 a class), no booking needed:
Tuesday 10am :: Yin-Yang flow with Gwyn and Sana
Tuesday 5pm :: Yin flow with Gwyn (from May 2017)
Wednesday 8.30am :: with Monique
Wednesday 5.45pm :: with Monique and Pauline

A student clinic is offered during later part of the year with half price treatments from selected competent therapists nearing the end of their study.


Regular events take place at the healing centre with local and international guests. These include AcroYoga workshops, Kirtan and more. Jump onboard our mailing list and our facebook page to keep in touch with the latest.


Please see training page for details on other classes offered at the centre.