~Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist & Facilitator~ Based between Melbourne & the Sunshine Coast. Offering treatments, trainings, retreats & Zenthai Flow Asana classes.

ph:: 0475 868 000
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Sally brings deep receptivity to her treatments. With presence and precision, her touch has a listening quality. It reaches beneath the surface without force, helping to relieve symptoms whilst gathering information about the causes. Guided by her intuition and thorough understanding of the structural and energetic body, Sally will follow the rhythm of your body and it’s unique needs.



Sally is currently based on the Sunshine Coast where she is working with Gwyn Williams at the Zenthai Shiatsu Healing Centre and offering treatments, group Zenthai Flow classes and private sessions from a number of beautiful locations.

Every 6 weeks Sally is in Melbourne and is available for bookings during her visit. 

You can also find Sally facilitating Zenthai workshops and trainings at various events, retreats and festivals, and at the Shanti Agung centre in Bali.


Please refer to Sally’s website for details about booking a treatment or joining a class, or get in touch via phone or email.


I’ve always has a passion for exploring our inner-space and really getting to know ourselves.  Being a dancer and practicing yoga since I could walk, when I first came across Zenthai Shiatsu in 2009 I was immediately moved by the practice. Gwyn had come down to teach some workshops at a yoga studio I taught at in Melbourne. I was deeply touched by Gwyn’s teachings and the dance that Zenthai is. A dance that brings fluidity, aliveness and totality to the body, mind and spirit.. A dance that guides us back home to our true and natural state of being.

Since graduating as a Zenthai Therapist in 2015, I have been teaching with Gwyn on the Sunshine Coast and on Bali trainings. Zenthai Shiatsu and Zenthai Flow have become a big part of my life and offerings. I am forever grateful to be on this path and hold my many teachers dearly in my heart including my peers, students and clients.

Zenthai creates space and time to be with ourself and start to listen. To listen to the tensions we’ve been carrying around, as they unravel like old stories from our joints, tissues, organs, nerves, mind, heart.

For me, Zenthai is a practice of letting go. Getting out of the way so that my client, my students, myself may become hollow like bamboo, and a force greater than we can imagine can flow freely.
It is such an honour to guide my students and clients into that non-judging listening space where they can be with themselves, and where necessary bring light onto the causes of their symptoms and be on their path to healing and wholeness.


Sally is a warm hearted, sensitive, open and well trained practitioner; I received her treatment within a relaxing environment which helped calm my mind. Sally was very intuitive with her healing and I really felt like I was in good hands, so I was able to surrender and allow my muscles and nerves in my neck to heal and realign. Zenthai shiatsu is just as much the patients responsibility for healing as it is for the practitioner and I felt like I was able to relax and let go of my pain and disharmony in my body, whilst Sally helped me to realign to a more harmonious and balanced state. I would definitely recommend booking a session with Sally and encourage everyone to experience this beautiful and effective technique.
-Justin Sherwood – Remedial Massage Therapist

I have known Sally for several years having attended her yoga classes and recently I had a Zenthai healing treatment. It was amazing and I felt the healing continue over days. Sally is a beautiful spirit and is so intuitive with the work she is doing. I loved it so much I took my mother in law to her also, she is 80 years old. She loved it and we can’t wait for our next treatment. Keep shining bright Sally, you are awesome.
-Helen Georgos – Mother and Yoga studentSally Meredith is a naturally gifted intuitive healer, body worker and teacher. She has matured and grown very rapidly in her art as a Zenthai therapist and facilitator.
-Hugh Lee – Yin Yoga Teacher Trainer