Sarah Bramley

~ Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist ~ Brisbane based treatments

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Sarah has a lifetime of experience in deep shamanic practises.  Her wealth of knowledge and inspiration stem from many ancient temple arts, including meditative therapies, tantric healing, body de-armouring, shamanic dance practises, kinesiology and ancient head meridian therapies.  Her roots and experience are deeply founded in family values and connection, discovering and nurturing all aspects of the self and bringing together the energies of the sacred mother earth and the divine.

Where can I find Sarah?

Sarah is available at Sacred Earth Rhythms Healing Temple, 22 Kentville St, Mitchelton, and also at International Holistic Centre of Natural Medicine, 124 Copperfield St Geebung.  Available by appointment only, please call on 0418 583 820 or email the address above.

Sarah says…

garden 107 (2)“During my search for bringing a deeper sense of wholeness to my offering I came across zen Thai. I was instantly mesmerized by the ebb and flow of movement and stillness.

My eyes had witnessed a seamless and edgeless wholeness which I was hypnotically captivated by. And so began my studies of Zen Thai in 2011.

My treatments are founded in this rich sense of wholeness, bringing balance back to the physical and energetic bodies.

Each moment a sacred offering sparked by a fusion of heaven and earth. Let us dance together as one on this precious journey home.”

What others are saying:
garden 108 (2)“I had no idea what to expect when I first visited Sarah. I was in emotional and physical pain. After the first treatment I was to a large extent pain free and after some recommended dietry adjustments I have had none of my old physical complaints. I also learnt so much from her about family, love and connections. I am so grateful that I came across this woman. She has helped me bring about much needed change in so many areas of my life.”


“After being in a car accident 18 mths ago I have most of my left side of my body with pins, plates and metal rods. I was in deep deep depression and excrutiating pain. I could not walk properly and the doctors had told me I would need at least 2 more operations to fix my leg. After having weekly and fortnightly sessions with Sarah I am amazed to say that my recovery has taken a complete turn around. I now no longer need the extra surgery. The doctors and my physio were blown away by what healing had occured in 6 weeks. I can almost walk normally again, my pain level has gone from a 10 to about a 2, and more importantly I feel like a completely different man. I often look back in relief that the nightmare I was living is just a memory. My life changed forever when I met “Magic Hands.”  I am so grateful for our meeting.”

Joshua Bond

“I can’t explain it but everytime I have a session with Sarah life seems to feel lighter and brighter. Things happen with greater ease. It is my favorite past time to have a Zen Thai Massage with this remarkable woman. No words I can write do any justice to the experience that unfolds when I lie on the mat. I smile just thinking about it. I have learnt about energy and food and balance. What a gift! So much more than just a massage.”



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