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The Art Of Zenthai Shiatsu

“The structures and functions of our body are ruled by the blood” says my osteopathic teacher.
“Our vibrational being is dictated by the non-visible energetics that course through and around our bodies and existence” reflects the Thai master.
“It is the mind that chains us or sets us free” states the Zen Master.
“In the ‘Zen of Touch’  there is a weaving of these three powerful threads …through the heart and the mind.. to create The Art of Zenthai Shiatsu. People  are reminded once again of the deep therapy available through mindful touch. Loving Kindness is not an option”  Gwyn Williams

The ‘Zen of Touch’ is more than a thorough practitioners handbook revealing a concise approach to deal with bringing freedom back to the energetic and structural bodies. Additionally, it one person’s journey into deeper states of awakefulness and self realisation, making the book available on anyone’s coffee table who is interested in using alternative medicine, nature and mindfulness to deal with everyday ailments and enhance our wellbeing.

With the support of inspiring photography and powerfully transforming quotes from the masters there is a thread that runs through the book that reminds us that life is a gift to be fully embraced. Gwyn gives a practical, day to day support of ways to keep us in our natural states, travelling with the rhythms of nature, stripping back unwanted conditioning and putting ‘Healing’ into the hands of the reader. Many have become powerless to the swift transitions that mark this time in existence.  By rediscovering and redirecting our path, the sun shines much brighter.  This is full power.

With ‘The Zen of Touch’ Gwyn has compiled over 12 years of experience of as a therapist and teacher of the healing arts in structural and energetic bodywork. Detailed information and techniques from Zen Shiatsu, Thai massage, Osteopathy, Oriental Medicine,Yoga Therapy and Self Realised Masters.


  • 165 x 235 mm page size
  • 188 colour pages
  • Over 200 inspiring photographs
  • Practical handbook for the therapist. ‘Enhancing life’ manual for the client. ‘Inspiring your day’ guide for ALL.
  • Inspirational photography and potent quotes to REMIND us of our potentials
  • Over 15 thorough case studies with diagnosis, treatment and self help plans
  • The  5 elements – implementing it into our daily life to enhance our Life force
  • ‘How to’ practice ‘Zen’ as a therapist and as a daily life warrior
  • Gratitude, vision, fearlessness and cheerfulness :: our daily food
  • Lifestyle, food and yoga therapeutics for a variety of conditions
  • Meridian maps, acupoints diagrams and practical therapeutic sequences

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Some excerpts from the book:


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