Simon McConnell

~ Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist ~ Brisbane based treatments, festivals and retreats

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Simon is passionate about facilitating the connection to one’s felt experience and sense of inner calm through nurturing, focused touch. Simple and effective techniques are used in restoring health and balance to ones life, drawing on an education in anatomy and physiology, yoga, ayurveda and several lineages of bodywork. Simon has a keen interest in bringing harmony to the physical, emotional and psychological aspects of our lives through bodywork and awareness based practices.

Kahuna sessions also available.

Where can I find Simon?

You can find Simon treating at festivals and retreats, community days at Zen Space in Samford or from his home in Brisbane.

Simon says…

“I began studying Zenthai on the suggestion of a fellow practitioner and was accepted into the course only by chance of an administrative error.  From that very first encounter I knew I had found something special, something with which I felt completely at home doing.  For me there is no simpler or more effective simons-photo-shoot-0010medicine than that of meditative movement.  With receptivity, presence and focus one can bring deep relaxation and restoration to the body, the mind and the heart.

My journey was one of finding myself through the joy of yoga and of finding community and heartfelt connection through the joy of bodywork.  Bodywork allows us to tap into genuine empathy.  It calms the mind and enlivens the tissues, allowing the body time and space to heal.

Zenthai is a deep passion of mine and it is my humble privilege to be of service to anyone seeking relief from pain and suffering.”

What others are saying:
“Simon’s touch is incredibly grounding, kind and intuitive.  He has helped me in times of acute neck pain, persistent lower back discomfort and unsettled emotions.

I find his presence of mind encourages my experience of Zenthai as a meditative one.  he is strong, yet truly in tune with what my body is requiring, open to or asking for.

I feel very safe and comfortable that he is competent to move my body in a way which encourages freedom, vitality and restoration.”


“Simon I want to thank you so much!  You’ve done so much for me.  I feel like a new person.”


“You feel love and warmth in your every single cells receiving this nurturing massage from Simon! The touch is gentle yet firm enough to allow the muscle release its tension.
I needed it to open up my heart and nurture my skin and mind. I myself am also a massage therapist and I highly recommend him.”



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