Sippin on air…Yoga of relationship

Have you ever been reminded in your yoga class whilst deep in asana?…”Don’t be just sipping on air…”.  You consciously take huge breath in ..the intensity of the pose softens, your face relaxes and once again the energy becomes alive and starts coursing through your body.

I reflect how this is often a metaphor of how we live a life when we slip into unconscious states within our minds of living below our edge. The great African leader, Nelson Mandela  reminds us powerfully in his famous speech,  our greatest fears lie in living up into the light of who we are.  Why are we only sipping on air?  For many it is rooted in fears and ignorance.  It is like we are functioning on one channel, afraid or don’t know how to switch… when really there is a cable network available.  We need to remind each other…” don’t be sipping…so much more available.”

In our recent psychology class, we as therapists of often dealing with clients in troubled and lost states.   I remind that as awakened individuals we are in powerful states to support each other, by rising out of negative states into powerful realisations of the clarity, equanimity, spaciousness and joy that is our true nature.  To be fully supportive of each other we need to encompass two aspects.  One is really feel the pain of the other, to hear the story, to feel the intensity of their suffering and breathe with them there.  It is here we realise the safety, the support and  the absence of aloneness.

The second is to rise up into your greater state of awareness. This is to take a real deep breath of air in every way.  For one simple moment the reality (Channel) may change and what is possibly offered to another is a mirror. A mirror that sees with clarity that they are trapped. There is no pushing, pulling or grabbing.  No need to validate your truth. We simply offer our friend ‘an environment. ‘  An environment without needs, without solutions…simply breathing deeper to allow a possible expanded awareness to evolve.  An environment of quiet spaciousness…An environment that sees they are caught (and caught by their own Mind).  The beauty of this therapy, is that the expansion happens not only for your friend but yourself also.

In summation..there are Two pieces of the offering..1. Empathy..we are all in this together..2. BUT we don’t need to be caught..

This is not only  a deepening breath that alters your asana…this is a powerful realisation that possibly creates a expanded reality.  A reality that is quiet, clear, spacious, happy and free.  It requires patience and balance.  For me this is Yoga.  The yoga of Relationship.



Upcoming events….

August 25 :: Zen Space open day.. Kate Barzdo Zen Thai Clinic…West Brisbane
August 31 : 108 sun salutation challenge..Mt Ninderry
September 9 to 21 :: Zenthai Bali Retreat..In Harmony
October 6th :: Psychosomatic workshop with Chris Knight.
October 11 to 14 :: Remedial class. (restricted class)
Begins Oct 18 :: Traditional Therapies workshops ….Cupping, Thai foot massage, Flying therapies, Southern style thai (single workshop availability)
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November 22,23,24 :: Zenthai at Namaste festival, Indonesia.
December 13 to 16 :: Zenthai Techniques ..Mt.Ninderry..Level One ..


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