Sonia Brown

~ Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist  ~ Newcastle Based treatments.

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Sonia is a dedicated therapist who is truly passionate about her work. Her touch is deep, focussed and heartful. Inspired by her teachers of life she has a great awareness that the truth is at the core of healing work and creates an environment wherever she goes that encourages people to be authentic and true to themselves.

Outside of her life as a Zenthai Shiatsu therapist Sonia works in outdoor education. She loves her adventures in nature, connecting to different places and people and has an addiction for learning that has driven her soul to where it is today.  Sonia’s background in Gymnastics,  Sports and Physical Education has given her a great foundation to embody Zenthai Shiatsu. Her aim in all treatments is to bring freedom to the whole body, increasing mobility, flexibility and stability.

Where can I find Sonia?

You can visit Sonia at her private clinic nestled in Maryville, conveniently located a short walk from Hamilton, 3kms from Newcastle’s CBD. Treatments are available by appointment.

Sonia says…

cool diagonal shot“Zenthai Shiatsu has opened up my world and has had such a wonderful influence on my life. As a therapist I feel very blessed to be able to share the knowledge that I’ve gained from learning with Gwyn Williams and my colleagues.

To me, Zenthai Shiatsu is not just a form of massage therapy but a powerful tool that helps to find the truth.  It teaches us to use the body and the mind effectively to create a harmony and a balance in our lives that brings great strength.

The strength that allows us to live with authenticity, vitality and full heartedness.”

What others are saying:
Action Photo 2“I always find your treatments relaxing and, in terms of the body, freeing and pain relieving; but the massage I had with you this week totally shifted my energy into a more positive place and slowed my nervous system right down.  It was bliss while it lasted and I’m still in a better place for it days later, thanks so much!”


“I have had many Zen Thai Massages off Sonia and every time I feel so energized and uplifted. When it has finished I feel as though I have done a yoga session without moving!
Sonia has a great gift of being very intuitive with her massage and always knowing where to massage and manipulate to help the tight spots. She has great knowledge of the body, I would highly recommend Sonia’s Zen Thai massages to everyone!”


“After spending several hundreds of dollars on Physio appointments where they look at you and then give you a few exercises to do at home or where they massage your muscles knowing full well that they haven’t fixed the problem and you will be back to fork out more money I thought I would give Zenthai a try. Having recently had surgery on my knee which involved putting a wedge in my tibia and cutting through my calf muscle I was having some issues. I had a month to get it right for national championships so I was prepared to try anything. I noticed a difference within the first couple of visits. I learnt that Zenthai was about freeing up the body so it can heal itself and this made sense to me. After just 6 sessions the muscle tightness and joint pain I was suffering from went away completely. This allowed me to make the last few training sessions before nationals and ultimately not only get through 8 games of touch football in 3 days but be back at my best having not played for 12 months.”



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