~ Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist ~ Sunshine Coast – based at Yandina Creek with mobile service available 

m: 04 044 459 42


fb: @zenthaibodywork

Healing is a never ending journey towards balance – a constant reminder that everything needs to move all the time. Movement creates space, allowing energy to flow freely and help restore the body’s natural health. 

Sophie has a passion for holistic healing and, when she’s not treatment, she’s looking to expand her knowledge through courses and research. She believes everyone has the capacity to attain their own state of balance and health. 

Sophie’s approach to healing weaves the physical to the spiritual, trust and surrender. She also brings a nurturing and intuitive nature into her practice.  Each session is unique and designed to respond to the individual’s needs. 


sophie-martin-zenthai-shiatsu-therapist-sunshine-coast-queensland-australia-massageYou can visit Sophie in her own quiet and private space in Yandina Creek, surrounded by the trees and native birds. She also offers mobile treatments throughout the Sunshine Coast area.

You can contact her via her mobile, facebook page or email.


sophie-martin-massage-sunshine-cast-queensland-zenthai-shiatsu “To me Zenthai is an experience unique to each individual.  It isn’t a massage but a therapy, nor a ‘quick fix’ but a deep healing practice. 

I cannot express enough my gratitude towards Gwyn Williams for striving to achieving his dream of allowing so many people to explore this transformative modality. 

Since I was little I have had passion about natural and holistic healing, perhaps in part a response to many years of suffering from many illnesses and a very bad back pain that started during my gymnastic training and never left me … until now. 

My mother taught me a lot about nutrition and herbal remedies and I’ve kept on researching and learning ever since. When I found Zenthai I had no intention to become a therapist. I came in for the experience, transformation and self growth. The journey in itself led me to embrace the power of touch.  the joy I feel when I feel my hands having a conversation with the body lying before me is indescribable. 

sophie-martin-massage-remedial-treatment-zenthai-shiatsu-sunshinecoastI am truly blessed to offer this work to my clients and to give them the tools to help them find their own balance. I am thrilled to share my knowledge with them as much as I am to learn from them.  

Fully present, heart wide open, a zenthai sequence is never the same and it never cease to surprise me. It a conversation, a dance… a relationship”

“Health is a relationship between you and your body”