Sya Wiersma

~ Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist ~ Sunshine Coast based treatments

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Sya is an experienced therapist with over 15 years in the health field.  Past studies supporting Sya’s  Zenthai treatments are Naturopathy, Cognitive Counseling, Foot Reflexology, Kahuna, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports and Remedial Massage.  Sya loves the stillness and depth that this deeply therapeutic bodywork commands, both when receiving and as a therapist, giving.

Where can I find Sya?

Sya is based on the beautiful Sunshine Coast and offers Zenthai Shiatsu treatments on Sunday’s at Maleny markets (bookings  recommended), mobile service into the comfort of your own home, corporate office, retreat centre or her peaceful space in Kiels Mountain.  She is also available for national and international travel on request – markets, retreats or private practice.

Sya says…

Sya Working“I fell in love with this form of bodywork just by watching Gwyn working at the Eumundi markets, something deeper than just ‘working with the body’ was occurring…

After my first treatment I knew I had to do the Therapist training.  I have been a Bodyworker/Health guide for over 15 years and had never experienced such freedom of body, mind and spirit after just one treatment of Zenthai, I felt grounded, clear and peaceful… a very contented place to be.

I began my Zen Thai Shiatsu journey in 2009 and feel such gratitude to be able to share and communicate such a precious therapy with others through touch.

This beauty filled Zen Thai dance offers gentle openings, allowing the body/mind to let go and in turn form a deeper connection to aspects of  the self not generally witnessed in our daily experience.”

“O for the touch of the human hand and the sound of the voice that is still”


What others are saying:
Sya tree“I have been a motorcycle instructor for 10 years, that’s about 170,000 km’s my body has put up with. Suffering from back, hip, neck and shoulder problems I have utilized countless professionals over many years some have eased the pain but only temporarily…It has been a constant battle. I met Sya by mistake – I was at a Yoga retreat in Coolum and received my first zenthai shiatsu treatment… It has changed my life. I now feel as though my whole system is working as it should be. Improvements are not only with my posture and alignment but also emotionally.  It is overwhelming how differently I feel and with lifestyle and dietary tips it empowers me to be able to begin really taking care of  myself.  Sya has a deep commitment and passion to this practice that I feel are amazing, Thank you.”

Kathryn Beadman (client)

“I have had a long history of sciatica, niggling back pain and discomfort…I found Sya at the Maleny markets (I’m a stallholder too) I thought I’d give it a go it looked so interesting, I’m so glad I did. That night I slept so well, no discomfort, just relief since I can’t remember when. I had such relief I couldn’t say thank you enough. Your kindness, smile and that special gift you have with only an infrequent maintenance massage has made a big difference to my wellbeing and life. A big THANK YOU.”

Norm Lewis (client)

“Sya is a Shiatsu wonder woman. My mind body and spirit always seem more integrated after one of Sya’s treatments. I refer to that ‘afterglow’ as being truly ‘embodied’ and it is a wonderfully empowering place that feels just like brand new. Sya imparts great wisdom, warmth and healing, I am blessed to have her as my therapist.”

Anita Hanicek (client)


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